14 Techniques for better Photography Part 1 T1i

14 Techniques for better Photography Part 1 T1i

http://www.elitevideo.com This is the first of two videos which will give you 14 tips to make your pictures better. These tips are demonstrated with a Canon Rebel T1i but you can easily do them with any camera.




@jonvideo You know how much I hate it, when people start their messages with part of a song lyric to get their point across? I guess you don't… but paraphrasing is easy, right?

And… What do your 61 tips about filmmaking have to do with a photography tip that I think sucks? Your age and that you we're teaching at 26… Wow, now i'm impressed… Don't blow your own horn so much.

To paraphrase: 'Those who can do, do. Those who can't do, teach.'

Elite Video says:

Hi- I used the quote cause, Like me, I see you are a simon &garfunkle fan. You are right paraphrasing is easy. I don't know answer to your question about a sucky photo tip. I am sorry form mentioning the 26 yr thing. I have survived 5 rounds of chemotherapy (since age 29) and am going into remission now (again!) and am living pretty normal and raising my two boys. That brings me true joy. I'd love to talk to you via phone as Im sure we r more a like than you think. Keep in touch – John

Elite Video says:

Oh, the 61 tips for filmmaking deal with technique rather than the buttons or electronic tweets on the camera. They are universal items that directors use no matter what the camera they are using. I don't know how to put the link here in the comments, but you can type in 61 techniques film making in the youtube search and it will come up. Watch the 10 minute movie (the kindness of others ) first (there is a link to it on the 61 techniques video) .

Elite Video says:

It is true that the medication (prednisone , rituxan and azathioprine ) has weakened my leg muscles so I can't do what I used to do. So I can't , I so teach. Still some people teach better than I do. But on youtube , the teaching is free, so you have lost nothing but time. If I have wasted your time and its worth money. no joke, call me and I will send you a small check ((10-20 bucks max) I want to make sure I don't anger anyone so i think that is a fair way to be equal to all.

graemep says:

Thanks for the vid. A couple neat everyday situation tips that I tend to have forgotten whilst trying too learn to much technical stuff when clearly I'm a beginner. Cheers

graemep says:

Got my too and to mixed up there. Kinda like my iso and shutter speed. Cheers again.

@THATONESCREAMER i saw what you do, and you DO suck… kid, besides, you look like a mexican Justin Bieber!

RobynMpls says:

Thank you for the wonderful tips! Very helpful and so much appreciated


myozbubble says:

Great, useful info. Thanks!

Elite Video says:

Thanks all for the kind words..

Luka Licheli says:

wow thank you for the free tips i really appreciate it. it's so much easier learning from you then just reading a tiny book 🙂 you got a sub 🙂

turgore says:

yet none of these pictures are really great.

Elite Video says:

Dear Turgore, I have to agree with you. I was taking pictures for examples, when never lends itself to the best shots with parameters I am trying to explain. The T1i camera was new and If I had it longer, I would have taken some. My focus was on the control or explanation of the feature so I rattles off shots using what I was trying to explain. Like texting while driving, You never do either great and it is dangerous. See my other videos that don't deal with features for better pictures.

Elite Video says:

Thanks for the nice words. Please subscribe to this channel and share it with others!

pforpappu says:

I am studying photography techniques and just watching this video has given some superb tips and information. Thanks som much for this upload.

Brian White says:

I have a Pentax and still find your videos informative … all the same controls … thanks 🙂

thank you very much sir..i love photography too

zaazi123 says:

beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Elite Video says:

These shots are used to demonstrate problems and solutions, not really made to demonstrate my photo capibility. Think of a flight simulator. Airlines use them to simulate problems, and solutions, not to show how great the pilot fly on a day to day basis.

turgore says:

The video was still great !

Thank you so much! I've been looking for easy, understanding videos to learn more about how to use my camera. This video is great. Thank you so much for sharing!

Well I agree they aren't professional to the point where they would be in a magazine, the explanations and compare and contrast of each image helped me understand the points. I think the point was well made. thanks!

albert perey says:

this video is very informative specially for the beginner in dslr …

Just a simple trick to be like a pro… :)

good stuff John.  Thanks!

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