14 Techniques for better Photography Part 2 T1i

14 Techniques for better Photography Part 2 T1i

This is second of two videos which will give you 14 tips to make your pictures better. These tips are demonstrated with a Canon Rebel T1i, but you can easily do them with any camera. http://www.elitevideo.com




I love taking photos and I pay a lot of attention to detail, but these tutorials made me realize I have more techniques to explore and practice on. Thanks for the videos!
I'm getting my first DSLR tomorrow (the Canon Rebel T1i). I'm tired of my digital camera haha.

simonsgl says:

I am an advanced amateur with 20 years experience but still enjoyed the clarity of your video! I have to say though… that group of passers-by on the bridge didn't look too pleased at the "sniper" photo taken of them. One of them looks like she's pointing and saying "look, there's a pervert"! Did they chase you and demand the memory card?? Hehe!
Keep up the good work!

nalsra g says:

john you doing a great job i paid 500 pound to learn camera technique but the learn from you its priceless trust me you got nice voice to teach and easy to get your world keep it up GOD bless you….

Elite Video says:

You are welcome, Keep on practicing. One day you will have enough to buy a used DSLR like a canon D40 or d50 or nikon 70d on ebay- Until then you have a great camera for what you are doing and you are still learning which is what it is all about. – john

Elite Video says:

No, I was far enough away that they did not even see me, She was looking over at a ride at the park. Funny thoughts though, Thanks for the posting – John

etdani1 says:

can u tell me how u got those pictures with hight shutter speed. when ever i put my shutter high in dark, the image i get is very dark even if i put my iso around 1600.

BeccyWall says:

wow, great video, loved watching!

Elite Video says:

Glad you liked it, Thanks

MarkA15 says:

"Parenthesis no I mean commas"

ladietena says:


great camera, i got it and even if your a beginner its pretty easy to use once you toy with the settings. so i recomend it to beginners, im pretty happy with it 🙂 GREAT techniques btw!

Sara Camus says:

I just bought the Canon T3i. I know this video is not intended for it, but I have a few questions that maybe you can help me with. I have two kids who run all over the place and when we go places like the amusement park I have a hard time getting the pics to turn out clear when they are on rides. Any tips? Thanks!

Elite Video says:

Yes, I can help, Turn the ISO up to 1600 and then go to shutter priority mode, in that mode you should be ablte to put your shutter speed up to 1/500 or higher, this should solve the blurry picture problem

Sara Camus says:

@jonvideo Thank you, your videos are so helpful!

elezco says:

You are an awesome help my friend I am enjoying my camera immensely now that I saw you video. thanks again

Sara Camus says:

I have been trying to take pictures at night. I took my family to take pictures near the beautiful city skyline. The lights in the background turn out beautiful but my family looks blurry. Almost like the shutter speed is too low. When I turn it up higher the lights in the background darken and it still doesn't help. When I have it on auto or on with the flash they look great but the lights are dark. What am I doing wrong?

Elite Video says:

Can you check back and see what your shutter speed was set on? My guess is that you have to raise the ISO and that will solve your problem. Most likely it is on 400 and I would bring it to 1000 or higher, allowing for a faster shutter speed and less blur. Let me know how this works for you. – John

Undeadwolfy says:

Thank you for these videos. They are very helpful!

Matt Parker says:

great vid thank you so much!

@CamumoneyzWifey use flash and drag the shutter

fantastic and detail video

an04RoadKing says:

You need to meter for the sky and then use flash to fill the faces. You'll effectively be shooting two "scenes", one natural light and one artificial light. Your shutter is used to meter for the sky (in this case maybe 1 second) and your aperture controls the flash exposure. Because a sensor can only detect up to 5 stops of light, a dynamic scene such as this one (which may be, say, 8 stops) is too much for the sensor to record without assistance from a second light source (or HDR shooting).

Thank you for the video! Your son is really cute!

can you show me
my camera ESO T1I alway error when i use M Mode….

Great video…

Your wife has got some explaining to do

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