5 Photography Tips to Become a Better Photographer

5 Photography Tips to Become a Better Photographer

Here are my 5 personal tips on becoming a better photographer! These are non-technical mostly but I do believe they play a huge role in the process of photography.

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Martin James says:

You totally missed the most important thing , subscribing to Jessica Kobeissi's channel. I love it and the tips have really changed how I work for the better. keep it up.

Jorge Rojas says:

Would you mind doing a video on how to get started on YouTube for photographers ?

Danny Graham says:

Thank you so much for these videos! I'm just starting out and your videos have saved my life lol. Ive probably watched every single one! You can see how ive improved if you want dannygrahamphotography.com shamless plug but whatever! Keep making videos, you're awesome!!!!

rere gm says:

i love ur behind the scene videos they r so helpful bcz i have difficulties in posing and lightening can u pleeeeaasseee do more of them ? i love u jessica :D

You are so modest Jess☺️ – come to England & have my babies…. Please! ❤️🤓

your sense of humor is something special! great video and tips especially #4

Elliot Choy says:

your microphone moves from left to right throughout the vid – hahaha i just noticed because i watched your video on 2x speed

TC Conner says:

I hate black holes!

Carly Hunt says:

Great advice! All true, I am trying to break the shooting at f/4, this weekend I made it a habit to try different settings. :D

CaptainPmode says:

Here are my 5 Photography Tips on Becoming a Better Photographer.

1, Put camera in P mode.

2, Use auto ISO.

3, When using flash use TTL

4, Use auto focus.

5, Use fave face recognition and eye recognition.

Take about twenty and or so photos and one will be ok to use.

Rosy Riah says:

Thank you!!! ☺️

Carlee Secor says:

Would you ever move out of Michigan to increase business?

eph elle says:

Your beginners are better than mine

蒋涛 says:

Hi Jess, can you share how do you do color settings in Photoshop? because when I output JPEG, I found the color looks a little gray.

Paul Junng says:

but don't you have to tell yourself you're the best so you work harder and always been on the top of the table so no one will take your spot.

Love it! 👌🏼

TheLukas97 says:

Maybe 5 tips in photoshop ? :-)

Tisha Pol says:

Love this! You make me laugh but so true too!

llSci0nll says:

Can you do a tut on OCF tut, doing low key photos :)

Ali Puentes says:

What books do you recomnend?

DilPower says:

Yay for Lana del Rey and McDonalds! Thanks for the tips Jessica! I bought all this f1.2-1.4 glass and now I'm starting to realise I have to stop down… Do you ever feel like you would have purchased different gear had you known this sooner?

1 tip to become the 2nd best photographer "hire Jessica as trainer" :D

I love this video, Jessica. You followed me on Instagram I was so honored!
What is the font you used for the text "Tip #X" I loved it and it seems so simple but amazing

Definitely know a few that could follow #1 a lot better…

Hello from a local Metro Detroit area photographer and thanks for the videos :)

Kissa Webb says:

Thanks for the advice, I needed this! I have to improve. Thanks. Would love for youth check out my travel page.

Tip#1 was sooooo funny thank you for this.

Joana Solas says:

You inspire me!!!

jethro_my says:

Looking forward to the technical part,im ready

Kevin Aime says:

yoooo seriously tho your dumb funny the end of this video was epic

Love the tips! Thank you for the video! 😁

Thanks for the tips! I'm a newbie photographer so it's great to learn :). I really like what you said about trying new things and mixing it up. Thanks so much

KeenanRIVALS says:

Loving the channel Jessica, good to see another photographer from Detroit growing. I'll be pushing my YouTube channel this summer… Let me know if you have any tips on how to expand it, besides being consistency haha.

Tip 6: Don't be lazy. It is so easy to not take a camera with you and if you do it's easier not to take it out of the bag.
I've been giving myself challenges. Right now I have a 30 day monochrome challenge. Every day I take black and white photos. Before this I had a take at least 3 photos a day for a month challenge ( see tip 6)

"I dont want gray hairs.." 😂
Good video tho! No McDonalds tho,
I find eating fruits and veggies before shooting helps u think better

Crash Taylor says:

You're awesome dude!

Juergen TAB says:

you are sooo sweet

vinicius gil says:

i already love you.

Wild Tribe says:

That was so helpful! Thank you! (:

How did you edit the latest photos your took in depth ?? i love the filters!

Sean Derek says:

Great video. Thanks☺☺

I can vouch for the comments on not changing things or thinking your great. I'm the exact opposite I constantly have people that love my wildlife photos. they always seem to love the photos I hate the most lol. probably because they don't see the flaws in lighting that I do with my pictures. I get a constant can I get a print of that? ummm absolutely not! it's terrible. they give you a weird look um it's Amazing then I have to proceed by tell them they might need and eye exam or something lol..  But I have to say I constantly down grade my photos to tell myself read something, change something, learn something new….

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