5 Tips for Better Street Portraits: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

5 Tips for Better Street Portraits: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace


Mark meets up with Kenna Klosterman of creativeLIVE to talk with her about shooting portraits of strangers. Kenna has traveled to 44 countries around the world and has mastered the art of street portraiture. Learn the five things you can do to connect with people and make great images.

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Photos by Mark Wallace and Kenna Klosterman

For more information about Kenna’s work and her hosted travels visit:

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Paul F says:

What about model release forms? Do you use in your travels?

James Harris says:

Mark you forgot to show us the picture!

Carlos Neto says:

Well, she is my friend too!

mirogster says:

Very cool tips!! Those of mine? Southern people are more 'open' than 'northern'. Saw it already in my European trips. Portugal, Spain all those old barrios. Just imagine doing such stuff in Sweden, Norway. No way. Ex protestants, mentality barrier.
Anyways, anyone has a good tip for insta/memory card camera? I'll be very grateful!! :)

Good information, thanks for sharing. Cheers from Brazil.

I did recognize her from Creative Live! Specifically the fantastic Sue Bryce talks.

And thank you for not again making us watch Mark "impress" a young woman with how high he can kick.

It's like a scene from 'The Birds' 😄

Mark – she likes you. You should ask her out on a date. Do it. Have fun. XD

Very nice pictures!

5:51 what country is it?

Сразу бросается в глаза узнаваемая ладья :)

Vivian Couto says:

So nice her idea with the Instax!! Amazing tips and pic.

Joey Joiner says:

Hard not to love these two wonderful people!

Wow4Real says:

awesome, she's great

Will Guthrie says:

One of the most enjoyable episodes I've seen with some great tips & techniques also. Good work guys and some great street portraits from Kenna 👍

Does a good reasonably priced rangefinder camera exist? Anybody.

Pablo Soto says:

Kenna is awesome! She should be teaching CreativeLive workshops instead of hosting them.

Dosh Doctor says:

I gave it a thumbs down because they left me in suspense…I wanted to see the results of the little Polaroid photo they took, and he neglected to show it at the end of the video, not good :0(

Yeah….sparks are flying here

Ryan Roga says:

Some feedback. Let the person you're interviewing talk a little more, and yourself…. talk a little less. You consistently took away from the conversation and devalued a lot of great information by making jokes about absolutely every word out of her mouth. If you had pointed the camera on her and just let her talk this would have been a phenomenal video. Instead I'm half way through and I just want to punch you in the throat and let her talk. Super frustrating.

Eric Mesa says:

Cuba? Jealous! My ancestors are from there

Biff Steel says:

Great tips. Thanks again-

Something Is says:

Basic tips but they make a lot of sincere sense.

wow beautiful tip thank you so much

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