5(more reader) Tips for Better/Sharper Images

5(more reader) Tips for Better/Sharper Images

All the tips: http://digital.photorecommendations.com/recs/2014/02/tips-for-sharper-images/
Shutter Speed Basic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZnVucOeXfQ
Shutter Speed and IS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PF99Hc80FJQ
Exposure Explained Simply: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAt4315-uH4
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Thx u very much but could u plz tell me which is better 6d or 70d? Iam a pure beginner…i just take photos no vds.

I´ve never thought of using the self-timer in handheld, but it makes sense, nice tip.
Thank you.

Great work on the tips. Lot of people don't realize the radical nicer photos you get by following many of the tips laid out by you.

Daniel Petre says:

Nice video, more tips !

Naseem Hayat says:

Great follow up video. Can't wait for your "cleaning sensor video", 

Olympus has a new engine that they say you can shoot at F22 and raze sharp image. Most of the time when your F stop is that high the image starts to get soft.

villegas24 says:

Great video Toby, thanks for sharing our tips!

Sniper-breathing helps (as well as leaning forwards a bit for me). Biggest thing for anti-shake is to relax your hands and don't tense up (for me anyway).

Rapid-fire is a good tip as well.

Great video as always, keep up the good work!

Hey Toby, I've been hearing about this program called "Magic Lantern" that you install in your Canon DSLR, what do you think about that program?

smaythakur says:

Thank you….love your videos:)

That was me +CameraRec Toby asking about the Canon 50mm f/1.4, great to hear it answered! I have talked to someone on G+ about this lens since and he recommended going no lower than f/1.8, and you backed that up, awesome.

Question about using the high speed drive mode, focussing and moving subjects (sport, wildlife etc): what technique is the best? Is it better to use the focus and exposure setting on the shutter button (I use the separate AF button on the back of the camera for my focusing)? What focus mode to use, AI SERVO? What AF selection to use (1pt, Zone AF or the 19pt)? When I shoot anything moving it always ends up smack bang in the middle of my shot, how do you best frame an action shot?

Thanks again for answering me in a video no less, even if you forgot my name :-). 

Hey +CameraRec Toby sorry I keep posting my questions here on YouTube it's because I'm blocked for some reason from posting on Facebook pages.
– Now the other thing I wanted to ask is about "online marketing" selling your photos online, what would you suggest on this topic?. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Eu Jin Ong says:

Thank you. Enjoyed watching the video. I must say that videos are also getting pretty sharp !! Could you add some pics of the week at the end of each video. Thanks.

Mike Lubrano says:

Could you give me any tips on getting better manual focus during video.  I'm new to all this but I think I get the idea.  Still its hard for me to tell if my videos are coming out sharp through the live view. 

Toby I just found your videos and want to say thank you for an awesome job.I just bought a Canon T5i(Costco Package) and a Canon Vixia HF-G20, L.E.D. Lighting & Stands.I have been a long haul truck driver and going in for back surgery this morning and I probably won't be able keep driving for a living but my main interest is in photography so I am very excited to pursue all the knowledge in this area as possible.I haven't owned a camera in years and the last few days with the new gear has been an absolute blast.

 I have found your videos to be the best out there and learning from you is a pleasure.

 You make a difference so keep up the great work!

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