An Introduction to High-Magnification Macro Photography

An Introduction to High-Magnification Macro Photography

A relatively brief introduction to high magnification macrophotography or arthropods. To see more of my work, go to or




stimuli15 says:

are you using auto focus for these shots?

Your voice is so awesome in every video, born for narration. You're an old soul, my friend.

Sam Malin says:

amazing video! did the spider jump at the camera at 4:01 ?

Andrew Lewis says:

This was so inspirational. Thank you!

1:40 lol if I didnt know any better id say that was Terrance McKenna out there in that field!

TheGammby says:

what do you recommend for me for my Nikon D3300 i want to try that too

now I don't really know whose photos are these, I've just seen a video about macro photography from another dude with the same photographs

holy shit it's the same guy but I couldn't recognize his voice hahaha I'm such an idiot

Irene L says:

LOVED your photographs and explanation! Thank you for sharing.

starr shine says:

Thank you for the video. Awesome!

Amazing photos, what an inspiration for beginners like me. I like the music too, I'm going to check out your guitar playing now!!

Subaru798 says:

I have a Nikon d7100 and an 85mm macro lens. If I try to get too close to a subject, it'll go out of focus, so I can't get really close shot like these. I would have to zoom in and crop it, but then the quality is not as great. Also, a lot of my pictures are kind of burry. How can I take closer pictures without having to crop it like these pictures, where u can see the compound eyes so crisp and clear, and not have it blurry? Any advice? I'm new to photography and I really like to take pictures of bugs. Is there anything else I would need to get?


Beautifully done.  Great video too.

Admeralsarms says:

does anyone have the music list? i love the music!

ch0ngodro1d says:

Fantastic stuff.

TheFlowMind says:

Do you get not magnification with extension tubes or with a proper lens like a 105mm?

Donald Brent says:

AMAZING work! Thank you for sharing.

I think so it would have been more useful to show the technique that used for stacking.

Thomas thank you for sharing, your work is truly amazing!!

Ronnie86BE says:

amazing stuff! how do you get so much focus and depht of field with the reversal ring?

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