Aperture Shutter Speed and ISO, Photography 101

Aperture Shutter Speed and ISO,   Photography 101

This is a video tutorial on how to understand and use aperture, shutter speed and ISO to get professional looking images. So please Enjoy, Subscribe, Thumbs Up, and Share! We appreciate it!!

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Weird Rom. says:

lmao. the frozen face in the beginning´╗┐

Weird Rom. says:

I f***** love how poorly edited this video is ­čśé­čśé´╗┐

Dogon Reel says:

Captain spike´╗┐

MsGigi1971 says:

Finally a video that explains it in very simple terms for a person who is totally new to dslr photography. The whole triangle thing was hard for me to grasp. So thanks!´╗┐

TorieAloha says:

Very helpful! Thank you for helping me "get it".´╗┐

great video, my question is : is there a optimal/ base set point ? for ex : the start point will bee f stop 5.6 , ss 1/60 , iso 400 ? and from there i will correct and count hops ? or ideal relation-combination between them , for ex: ss 1/30 : f stop 2.8…something like that ? thank you´╗┐

I was yawning before the video starts, but my yawn was broken upon the appearance of this man… For a moment I thought this was some parody video…´╗┐

Kakashikewl says:

I'm scared.´╗┐

Iggy says:

As boring as it is, I actually learned a lot. Thanks!´╗┐

Thanks for clearing things out.´╗┐

somebody took his candy.´╗┐

Lucky Cheng says:

Whoever dislike this video are stupid, as a beginner this video so informative and easy to learn´╗┐

Dude would be a great hypnotist´╗┐

1 video must for beginners in photography, don't mind the bad editing…´╗┐

Brandi Bird says:

This is informative but the gentlemen presents seems annoyed having to explain this.´╗┐

as a beginner, i think its a very good tutorial video though the editing wasn't very good and that man who was talking was like robot! but this video is very informative and he explained things very easily. if any beginner like me watch this attentively, he/she will get the idea with no pain! ­čśÇ anyway the comments section is so funny that i would forget his boring face now and sleep in sweet mood :p xD
GREAT VIDEO for super BEGINNERS like ME! :D´╗┐


Thank you , i have learnt a lot :)´╗┐

mat k says:

you would be fun at a party…….´╗┐

Dude…you need to be the voice for Moviefone!!! LOL´╗┐

I wonder he is a robot.´╗┐

wow, that's creepy´╗┐

the terminator.´╗┐

Hien Le says:

Pretty put down by the intro, but the explanation is the best I've found around :D´╗┐

Megan Malone says:

LOL why are there moments where he is frozen and his robot voice is talking ??? hahahaha.´╗┐

are you fucking dead..´╗┐

zzzwingzzz says:

Now let's put the butcher knife back where it was…´╗┐

Raptor Man says:

:-/ The robots are taking over! RUUUUUUUN!!!´╗┐

Raptor Man says:

Seriously this guy is strange :-/ wtf… :-?´╗┐

This is a great video but the. Guy looks weird´╗┐

I'm out of hear. Just weird´╗┐

Hans Adam says:

Damn this guy is like the new Terminator. Peace´╗┐

Riley Quebe says:

this dude is creepy´╗┐

Best video ever, but this guy creeps me out.´╗┐

E Rivers says:

thanks Bruce Willis´╗┐

Abrams says:

The G Man is real.´╗┐

kawika dav says:

You're not the most exciting person I have heard in a video but you are full of knowledge. Thank you for sharing.´╗┐

Very good video and def good points of explanation. Now my question is how do you know when you have "Correct exposure" when introducing a speedlight to your image. For example when I use the stock on camera flash I usually use my exposure meter to determine when I raise or lower a factor being iso, aperture, or shutter speed to compensate for the flash. Also when the flash pops up on my camera it shows that I will be over exposing or under exposing if i use the flash but when I use a´╗┐

Ari says:

i'm going to have nightmares but this was the most helpful video I found so far on exposure´╗┐

Vaughn Felix says:

You need a soul to be a photographer. This guy is like clone or something?!?´╗┐

matt Feltham says:

Did he go on to kill people?´╗┐

matt Feltham says:

Put the shutter speed back were it was GODDAMIT!! Or everyone dies!!!!!´╗┐

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