Basic Lighting Techniques

Basic Lighting Techniques

This tutorial discusses the concepts behind 3 point lighting for portrait studio photography.




Nicholas Fox says:

The technical information was good but the humor a bit lame.

TheDka says:

Great tutorial apart from the lighting ratios. For 3:1 lighting the fill is actually one and a HALF stops less than the main. for 4:1 the fill light is TWO stops less than the key light. For 5:1 the fill light is two and a quarter stops less (if my math checks out). And etc etc, the point is you only drop the fill light by one stop (ie. half the amount of light) when the ratio doubles like from 4:1 to 8:1.

Rafał Tarka says:

It's a "Fun with flags" kind of humor :)

watussix says:

The dudes saying negative stuff about this clip, why dont u bone up some recipes in woman's world magazine. 

rafama95 says:

I love this tutorial. Very concise.

ComedyJesus says:

This is one of the most valuable lighting videos I've ever seen.

FIFMAN2196 says:

Get rid of the acting and just give us the info jfc

Chris Fields says:

Great video, Thanks.

medo988881 says:

Very informative, Excellent video!

I found this very helpful. Thanks so much for creating this video!

Mark Harris says:

You explain things really well in a very understandable way, I even enjoyed the terrible acting and the worse humour.

Yilmaz Aydo says:

Thanks for the information !

jamil butt says:

Helpfull for new comers in Photography…….very easy to understand……..

Excellent tutorial!

Am I missing something here. For a fill light to be less than the main light, shouldn't the f-stop be higher than the main light??? As per this tutorial, fill light f-stop number is smaller than the main light f-stop number, meaning that more light is coming from the full light (assuming ISO and shutter speed are same)

Mike Mecek says:

Lose the scripted jokes next time. Otherwise, helpful and informative video.

Informative video

Headcartoon says:

Info good rest lame

80freak says:

Obviously not scary enough to scare you away ;)

Rim light is good, but a rim job is better.

Very informative and concise! Thanks.

Peter Anania says:

Good info. Terrible intro.

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