Become a Better Graphic Designer By Learning Photography

Become a Better Graphic Designer By Learning Photography

How to Become a Better Graphic Designer By Learning Photography! Believe it or not Photography can help you be a better Graphic Designer and Expand Your Creativity.



5 Ways Photography Skills Can Improve Your Graphic Design

Becoming a better graphic designer, largely depends on expanding your creativity, your sense of color, composition, and perspective. These same principles you use a graphic designer, are implemented by photographers, it is just a different execution.

By learning photography and photo editing you can actually become a better graphic designer, by learning new tools in Photoshop and other graphic software and how to apply them.

Having your own photography also means you can use them in your graphic design work instead of relying completely on stock photography. You can also make custom design assets such as textures and custom brushes.

This is just one way you can become more creative and become a better graphic designer. Be sure to check out the article over on Creative Pro!












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Steelo says:

This isnt really in relation to this video but id like to thank you for introducing me to canva, it really helped me create better thumbnails, and in return if noticed higher view count on my videos :)

Love photography. It's stimulating not in a creative way more a therapeutic way. Takes the pressure of being creative 24/7

doggydude98 says:

I Am looking into becoming at least better with graphic designing. Never even tried but sounds intersesring

doggydude98 says:


LoloCreates says:

I am in high school and I want to become a graphic designer, but my parents say it doesn't pay well enough and that there aren't that many jobs in graphic design. Do you have any advice?

I'm a graphic designer and photographer.

Sandy Klapka says:

I am a designer and a photographer 🙂 works really well together.

Tommy Kuo says:

Designing first, then photography as a hobby. My photos are here:

Check it out Roberto

Studying graphic design as well as photography in college

Nadetricity says:

Do you have an extra vlog camera , i am poor. Cant afford a decent camera and i am 16. I have a main channel and i want to make videos one day but i dont have anything except a destop and a phone. @Nadetricity is my twitter. Thanks bro,

always informative info for us and thanks very true about looking threw the lens and looking at it in a different way..with composition and design work great info again

u madhu says:

Can I use vidIQ pro for seo?

Tina Judkins says:

I love photography! I started out in high school with a darkroom 😑😳 showing my age a bit. Digital photography is a huge plus and love being able to mix my photos in when I can.

HeirOfGlee says:

Im a designer and do illustrations and do makeup. All is art to me so I guess im a jack at anything art

u madhu says:

Which extension your using?

HaZe FiRe says:

scary 666 views lol

This is perfectly timed, since I just bought my first DSLR (a Canon 70D), and I've just started to learn photography. My actual intention in buying the camera was to learn DSLR film making (with the goal of upgrading to a proper cinematic camera later on), but video and still photography share most of the same basic principles, so I'll be learning both.

I'm also one of those people who's spread out over several creative disciplines–graphic design, illustration, music, writing, and now (eventually) photography and film making. I refuse to believe that it's necessary to pick a single focus and deprecate all others to "hobby" or "when I have time" status.

Like you said, no one suggests Da Vinci was a "Jack of all trades, master of none." And I doubt he would have described himself as a painter who "dabbles" in invention, or an inventor who paints as a hobby in his free time :-P

swaygfx says:

just told a friend last night i wasn't gona bother to get in too deep with photography but seeing this video i think ill fool with it some more

ScoiNY says:

I have recently discovered that I have a really good creative eye when it comes to instagram. No, I dont post pictures of food or anything. But I get a lot of good feedback on the pictures I take from wherever I happen to be. I can give the link to my instagram account if anyone would like. Feedback is always welcomed.

The29Bricks says:

Also, can I ask you that is Asus your favourivite PC company?

Hello. What if I`m using GoPro instead of DSLR for taking the pictures and doing the whole image pre- and post-processing? Though GoPro Hero4 Black is 2-3 times cheaper,yet delivering better performances than most DSLRs, both video and picture aspect. Do you think that a photographer that uses an action camera to get his work done has the same quality of work and the same audience and overall 'respect' from others in the domain?

cody fox says:

I've always thought photography was a solid base building block for design.

Kevfactor says:

I just have a bunch of mountains and a decaying downtown area here lol. been filmed to get death already. know there is a lot of stuff out there though like people and kids. junk like that. for me sort of have to have a good passion for me to actually get out and find something i want to take shots of. the woods never really inspired me much. more of a gaming /anime nerd lol. :)

I have a nikon coolpix camera, can it be used to create good photography?

ColeVisuals says:

i started graphic design a month ago i watch alot of videos i feel i know the software but i cant design to my liking im trying to improve but its been tough with the image in my head compared to my actual work

Raden Yunos says:

very true. I was really reluctant to learn photography as a logo designer, but once I started, it's helping me tremendously. If anyone wants to learn photography, Jared Polin's a great youtuber to watch !!!! I learned tons from him

Very well said. I decided to take on photography after doing freelancing design (which I still do consistently with my clients) last year. I agree with every point made and today I know my dslr camera (Nikon) very well and it has definitely expanded my capabilities with my creative cloud software and opened a new array of services I can provide. As you said it enhances new creative muscles and allows me to use my own stock imagery as well as understanding the value in design-and difference of the vector world and print design vs raster and digital art/images. A great specific example is when I picked up knowledge of things like exposure, ISO and aperture. Now because I understand the lense and what is a great image I can transfer that to my digital art-if ever have to enhance it to emulate a realistic depth of field in my artwork. I learned to emulate dslr like quality in the design side as well as capturing dslr quality directly via my lense/s.

Sam Teague says:

I started photography for the reasons that you mention in this video.

Andy Sommer says:

Coming from a Small Business owner! I have had really bad experience with graphic designers wanting to say that images "we give them" to put in Vectors are there's to keep!! This all under confidentiality and sign off jobs forms. Also we found that there's a difference between graphic artist where one can only click and drag vs actually knowing how to draw. TRUST is a big part as well!! I have yet to find all of the above in a graphic designer in Kentucky!! Any help/info would be nice!! Thanks just subscribed!!

DR Creative says:

I am a designer who dabbles in photography. When I was working in house, I got to art direct a lot of photo shoots and did a ton of retouching as well.

Tom Jackson says:

Thank you very much…You are Awesome !!

Sulovesu11 says:

I love photography!

tinafay says:

Because I wanted to specialise in editorial design at Uni, in my third year I was forced to take my own photos as we weren't allowed to use other people's for copyright reasons and using stock photography limited your own artistic credit as you didn't art direct them yourself
My tutor told me to do this in my best interest as he understood as a student I couldn't afford to commission a photographer and in future would make me self sufficient and a better art director. Problem was I had a canon E0S 500D entry dslr with the standard lens and no matter what I did the photos never looked professional. I spent so many hours reading books and trawling the internet to learn photography but they only ever cover the basics. Editorial design relies heavily on amazing images, and unless I was pursuing photography I don't see the point in spending all my time and shelling out so much money on equipment. I don't see a way of attaining great images for my portfolio without paying hundreds-thousands which is out of my budget as a graduate.

Your thoughts Roberto? Always appreciate your feedback thanks

Linda Reich says:

Hey i love photography both professionally and personally. Last year I went around milwaukee, wi looking for architectural buildings and landmarks for a calendar I'm designing. Usually i take rides to find whatever pictures I can use for my clipping files in case i need it for reference.

ABC DEF says:

I am planning to buy my first DSLR. What camera do you recommend for beginners? Thanks!

Great info! Do you think someone can learn to be a graphic designer? I don't know how to sketch, draw, or paint. Do you think it's mandatory? Are all Graphic Designers born with the skill? Thanks for the vid! I just subbed.

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