best lesson in photography for beginners – entire course in one image

best lesson in photography for beginners – entire course in one image

a picture says a thousand words. this one says about 50 thousands, and entire course condensed in one image. print this chart, laminate it, have it in your pocket and look at it when you pull out your camera and try to learn to control it.
this is for beginners still trying to figure out the exposure triangle and what settings do what




Hankyeol kim says:

could explain me briefly what iso means?

Yen sina says:

Kæra þakkir að leifa okkur að sjá þetta. þetta er mikil hjálp fyrir mig.

Thanks.. made it really easy…

Dee DePalma says:

Thank you so very much for this! I'm having such a tough time trying to figure out the correlation between aperture and the representation of the numbers. Just got a new camera (Sony a6300) and it is my first camera that is not a point and shoot, so I can start playing with it immediately with that picture you posted. Again, thank you from NYC!

David B says:

I saw one chart that also included EV

is that a combination for a picture? for day or night?

dzodzu says:

I would change the image a bit since it doesn't show the relation of the brightness of the photo.

I am new to photography and I will be laminating this sheet! Thanks so much!!!!

Thank You sir!

Dennis Vance says:

Thank you, this is very helpful.

M Nejad says:

Excellent video. It's amazing how many books are written just to explain this concept of exposure.

Shashi Moghe says:

excellent feedback on basic of photography. good wishes and regards.

kokopingo says:

Thanks so much

Nana Naema says:

I cant everytime I hear your jokes I die.

Thanks for the share… Appreciate your noble and honest quest to assign the credit to the person who created it..

Geert Lesage says:

the credit for this cheatcard goes to Hamburger Fotospots Cheatcard at

Kipstaah says:

OMG this is absolutely perfect for me to understand these !!

Wow! this is awesome. Thank you for sharing and making this video. extremely extremely helpful to get my mind around all these terms. with this pic…now i get it! :)

Shu Image says:

I think the guy who created this was Daniel Peters at Hamburger Fotospots Cheatcard. It has a creative commons on it. This person operates from Germany. God bless him and you to Christian. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the photo, really help! I'm really into photography right now… For anyone new, I just found this free class on color management for design, photography and the web, , hope that helps!

this is so helpful

Achi Gabon says:

I think this is the article from that you were referring too.
also, read that there was another source which may be the original source anyway.
Thanks for your help!

Aintz Abew says:

in my dsl only F4.5, I used canon 700D..

bella says:

thank you so much for sharing the picture! I am learning photography and I understand it better now!

GlitchMyRide says:

Thank you so much!

Thanks for this useful tool.

It's actually an image, not a picture… There's a big difference between those 2.

Arnab Basu says:

hi i m Arnab.I want to buy a new dslr camera.plz suggest me between canon 700d or nikon d5200?

best trick…. just all things clear in on picture 👍

anshu mehta says:

sir i think light also matter to choose the photo triangle values…..

sorry if i utter wrong!!!!

Andy NZ says:

Many Thanks for sharing the knowledge. Cheers

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