Best Photography Tips for Beginners – How I got Better

Best Photography Tips for Beginners – How I got Better

Here are some of my personal tips and tricks to getting better at photography. Or at least how I got better! 🙂

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I'm new at photography and I really don't know that much do you have any tips to get me to capture good pictures

Rob B says:

Nice perspective on photography.

Devan Marie says:

have you heard anything about Sonys a5100?

This video is very inspirational and I thank you for putting this up for all of us to see. It is really helpful and motivational for me when I do get my camera I can't wait till then Thank you!

Get to the point dammit

I wish I could like this video a thousand times, thank you!

I love your videos (Y) Awesome..!!

I'm good at taking pictures, but I'm horrible at editing.

Houria Begh says:

you are great, continue what you're doing ❤❤

Such a good video!!

Jotham Read says:

"Right fighters" = amazing, great video.

Mabel Peak says:

Ha ha "photography police" LOVE LOVE LOVE- thank you for speaking out on this…gives me confidence to try this out.

Thanks for sharing your tips with us they´ve been so helpful. I´ve watched almost all of your videos and personally I think that they´re awesome. I really love your style.
Where do you work?

Nat Sci says:

You're the best!! Can you imagine a police photography? 😂 young lady drop the camera right now! 😂😂😂

Tony Reidsma says:

I watched this video with the sound off, so not sure what you were saying… 😉 good advice, and I enjoy your channel. Thanks for your hard work.

Very well said on how to do it your own way.💗


Can u give ur email id

This was very helpful and inspiring, thank you!

WOW you are a female version of me. I'm right in the same vain of you and I love your point of views of photography

Kawaii LOVE says:

thank u my dream is to get involved with art well photography pictures beautiful art.

Kawaii LOVE says:

btw who's watching in 2016

Hi, Jessica! I'm from Argentina and I've been watching your videos since 2014! I've learned soooooooo much with you, you're by far, my favourite teacher. I dropped college a few years ago, because every single time my teachers used to tell me "YOU'RE NOT DOING IT RIGHT, THAT'S WRONG, YOU SHOULD BE DOING IT LIKE I DO", I felt like my creativity and my spirit was fading away. So I want to thank you, because I challenge myself everyday trying new lighting set ups, new retouching techniques, and I love it! x
P.S: Excuse me if I had some bad grammar mistakes, I'm still learning the language haha.

Matthew M. says:

Looking at behind the scenes photos of other photographers is a great tip. Excellent video.

Ileana Canul says:

You are so brave, and the thing is that you are doing something about it, like starting from nothing kind a thing. Such a inspiration! love!

Joy Zaguri says:

This video helped me soooooo much! thank you

Honeybaby313 says:

Your amazing!! Love the lipstick btw

Janet Rowell says:

I love your videos may I ask how you edited them what programs you use and could you do a video

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