Best & Worst Focal Lengths For Portraits

Best & Worst Focal Lengths For Portraits

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Today we go over the best and worst focal lengths for portraits. Getting a good portrait is not all about gear, but it is important to know what a difference using the right focal length can make.

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harut82 says:

@2:30 Censor size doesn't change compression.

619RobdoG says:

I have a 24-70, & a 70-200. They hardly compare to my 85mm for portraits.

Ricco Simony says:

I love My Sony zeiss 135mm f1.8

I use 50mm 1.8d nikon, 28-80 at 80mm sigma and 135mm F2.8 ai on my nikon F5

omar fikret says:

Hi guys, i have nikon D810 with Nikkor 50mm 1.8 and Nikkor 85mm 1.8, now i want to buy the nikkor 70-200mm which is for 1700$ here in Iraq, so what do you recommend? should i go for it and buy it and if i did do i need to keep my 85mm? i want to hear your advice.

Ali Naqi says:

I think what I would say is my favourite is the 50mm. It's a cheap lens, great for newbies to get their compositions and framing skill and it is also super fast, so it gives me that amazing looking bokeh and it lets me shoot in crazy low light conditions! Primes are my absolute favourite.

Hi thanks for doing this but did I miss the tips for photographing darker skin?

56mm f1.2 for Fuji crop sensor <3

Fred Guerra says:

Thanks for sharing your knowledge. In my gar-udio (garage/studio), the space is such that my Nikkor 85mm 1.8 is my personal preference. I can get in closer for some shots so tight, you can see every fleck of color in the subjects irises!

And that's what they do at work, take a 16mm lens put our faces full frame and take the shot. Our work IDs make us look like clowns.

Hub Towner says:

The Tokina 100mm 2.8 AT-X Pro is great for portraits and is a macro as well. Very, very budget friendly.

I shoot with a Canon T4i body and an 18-135 mm lens. Is great for pretty much all my portrait work. If I am shooting kids or animals I can capture them playing as well as stand far enough back to capture those facial expressions often missed with a lower lens. I try to capture my portraits as naturally as possible so I can capture the personality as well as the image.

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Suneil Kumar says:

For portraits, look no further than the legendary Nikon 105/2.5 prime.

Arun Mohan says:

i have a couple of speed lights wat should i do in order to achieve the look of a grid in strobe light set up /

i tend to shoot with my 18-55 all the way out at 55mm on a crop sensor so its really at 88mm

105 f2 DC from Nikon is my go to portrait lens…the bokeh King !

Carl Gregory says:

Use a 32mm(50mm cropped) 1.8 aperture, and a 70-200mm for Sony a6000. Both have served me well,m.

izauCabra says:

I love everything about Phlearn, but this is one video I mostly disagree with. This topic is a common misconception among photographers, and somewhat encouraged by lens makers in order to sell lenses, so I guess its understandable people get confused. With most lenses, all you need to do to get an equivalent photo is stand the same distance from the subject. The focal length of the lens is irrelevant, except that it magnifies the image. A 35mm photo and a 200mm photo taken at the same distance are the same (except for lens defects like pin cushioning). The reason to use the 200mm is to magnify the image on the sensor so you don't need to crop it. Depending on how many megapixels your camera has and the size difference in mms of the lens, this could be a small or big deal. Regardless, you can take stunning portraits at 35mm as long as you know where to stand.

Itoro Ekpo says:

Ive read so much here and all ur comments strengthen my belief that theres no actual perfect portrait lens. Its your creativity and post production skills that makes a beautiful portrait. I've shot amazing portraits with my 50mm 1.4, my 24-105 4.0, my sigma 35 1.4 et al. All are fantastic lenses.

I like using the 85mm 1.4

Azmi Hidayat says:

i normally use 50mm for my 50D

I always shoot portraits on 24 but then I like to get really close to my subjects.

Use Sigma 50mm Art Lens for portrait photography!

scromfo says:

I shoot with a Canon 70D with a 85mm Tamron 1.8 prime lens.

ChromaKeyMan says:

I shoot in 18-55mm lens Nikon DX. I pray for the customer to approve my work.

Leo Loyola says:

I own canon 70D…having doubts on buying sigma 50-100 1.8 or sigma 70-200 2.8 for portraits…pls help, wich on should i buy

Cecil Sharps says:

putting a lens on a crop body doesn't change how it renders. A 50mm on a crop body is going to be effectively 75mm but it is still going to render the image like a 50mm. It doesn't change compression. It's called a crop sensor for a reason.

muffemod says:

Why is his skin so shiny?

good tutorial but focus was more at his armpit area than his eyes so images looked very soft in the face on most your shots

Should have shown a comparison between each shot at the end.

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