Better Composition – Use Leading Lines to Improve Your Photos

Better Composition – Use Leading Lines to Improve Your Photos

Leading lines are one the simplest and most powerful ideas in composition. Learn how to use them to grab your viewers’ attention and direct it to the visual payoff in your photos.

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Joshua Cripps is a full-time landscape photographer living near Yosemite National Park in California. His recent work includes the worldwide marketing campaign for the Nikon D750 camera.

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Love your videos josh!! Very informative and fun.. Keep up the good work 😊😊👍

thanks for making this awesome video. I will incorporate this knowledge into my photography

Bill Baker says:

clear and simple, good job

jajajaja love the suck part…

Gaby Isphoto says:

great, as always

Luke Ingram says:

please could you make a video about the golden ratio because I have struggled to find any good info on it online

Pro Tech Pro says:

Plz make a video to do photography with ipads/tablets

Mays Masarwa says:

You cant imagine how much i love your videos !

Terri Newton says:

You make me laugh. Which is good because I'll remember what your teaching when I can associate it with something out of the ordinary.

villegas24 says:

Great video. You deserve way more subscribers

Great video! I'm really enjoying your content 👍🏼 Can you make some more videos about photographing people, objects and food?

RT says:


You're the man!!! You're are a natural born teacher. Makes subject interesting, explanations are straight forward and plenty of sample pictures to illustrate the point. Thank you brother for a wonderful job you do. Always looking forward to your tutorials….

eminmao says:

Thank you Joshua, your videos are always fun, interesting and clear to watch. I've learned a lot from you. Keep up the great work! You the man!

Ryan says:

Is this owens river!?

Tom Grubbe says:

Another great video Josh. Including a few shots that demonstrate how not to use leading lines was very helpful. I've got a bunch of those!

Drew May says:

Presented very clearly well done! Going to pass it on to my students. 😀

could you please use some music in your videos?!!!

Ameet Pawar says:

great explanation on Leading Lines composition. Learnt a lot about LL from the video. Thank u

Brilliant! Nice video!

BradFilms says:

Josh is almost at 100,000 subs!

nycaxl says:

Inspiring and clear as usual. Plus, you are one of the few that humor doesn't seem awkward, but rather on point! Thank you for that! Beautiful location also.

Best explanation of leading lines I have ever seen, great examples of when it works well and when it fails.

This is ridiculously helpful. Thanks for sharing!

fadekill says:

I think the sample shot at 3.15 ( is a bit misleading. I'm not a professional photographar or anything but I like how those small horizontal streams stretch the photo. Together with the rather horizontal mountain range in the backround they convey the vastness of this exact landscape much better than leading lines that would have pointed towards the mountain range. I don't think every landscape photograph needs or benefits from leading lines. My personal opinion.

Otherwise great video with nice examples!

The sound of stream is sooo soothing! Nicee

.zyper says:

Do you know any good Cameras under $900?

hzeta hzeta says:

Very enjoyable and informative video, as usual. Keep up the great work!

Septimus says:

Man I love your video's, I love learning about photography through your videos.

Mukhtar Agha says:

great video thanks man

Cyborg says:

Good tips thanks !

FrostByte says:

Do you travel with a gun? In case of, like, bears and shit?


I love your videos. Funny and educational.

At 3:20 – This is exactly why I don't understand these composition tips. He said "why put this on the picture if the viewer won't look at it?", referencing the flowers,, yet the flowers were probably the second thing I looked at, before he even said anything about it.

Ok, lines give good composition… but the justification that they are eye magnets and that the viewer will be drawn to them, ignoring other things, is hard to believe.

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