Better Night Photos: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

Better Night Photos: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

In this episode Mark Wallace shows you how to create longer exposures for better night photos. You’ll see how you can use a neutral density filter, tripod, and a cable release to control your shutter and camera shake. Mark also explains the best aperture and ISO values to use for low noise and maximum depth of field.

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Photographs by Mark Wallace

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maktabalain says:

the result is a noisy photo although you were using iso 200´╗┐

Roy G Biv says:

Hmm Leica only goes down to iso 200?
Very noisey image. Beautiful composition but the noise bothered me ­čĄô´╗┐

Andrew may says:

I wouldnt bother using AP mode just use manual its heaps faster running off your light meter and you should have added you dont need a cable release in this day and age just use self timer function´╗┐

iTopCati says:

and inexpencive leica body and lens…. oh wait maybe not so inexpencive… i love this guys tutorials, but these adorama videos are becoming a sales pitch…´╗┐

lamarcy says:

Great Video!!!´╗┐

David Reece says:

Funny how we all were worried the entire clip that he was going to knock it into the river. Whew! Nail biter! LOL! :)´╗┐

nevadaxtube says:

I watched the whole video worrying that he was going to knock his equipment into the river! C'mon Mark, don't drive me crazy!´╗┐

i see my house :D´╗┐

Bestciak says:

You wont get a sharp image at F16 , what you doing man???´╗┐

B+W ND filters are not unexpensive, at all!´╗┐

gobinda nath says:

Nice Video, I learn something from it.´╗┐

Jan Prilepek says:

welcome at Prague Mark :)´╗┐

Great video!´╗┐

Angus Mac says:

With those long exposures, don't forget to pack an extra battery!´╗┐

tobiasvs says:

The first shot was taken at 1/4000 at 800 ISO. Why? You obviously didn't need to shoot at such high ISO? I do think the color in the second shot is much nicer than the third photo, too bad you didn't use a 10-stop ND.´╗┐

a) Beautiful picture! I've thought about getting an ND filter for other reasons. Now, I'm inspired to get one to smooth out my water!
b) Rule of thirds? I can't help but think that the photo would have more impact if the horizon wasn't smack dab in the middle of the frame. Help me learn: why'd you do it that way?´╗┐

Pengkui says:

You could use a self-time instead of the shutter release cable.´╗┐

This video could be repurposed. The title could be something like, "What not to do with your camera equipment, while filming instructional videos." :)´╗┐

loved this and great info…not what I would have thought to get those results…´╗┐

Gunston Gun says:

i see the M in action !´╗┐

I couldn't concentrate Mark! You had a Leica and all that kit poised to take a tumble into the River Danube!´╗┐

jordanthecat says:

At about 3:50 in this video, while you are discussing your neutral density filter, someone else is taking a shot of the same scene using flash.´╗┐

I did not understand what effect you were going for with the F number, what is the specific difference on the far objects?´╗┐

NAZ says:

What camera does this guy have ? It looks awesome´╗┐

Jonz Marz says:

my camera doesn't seem to be able to go more than 30 second exposure :/´╗┐

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