Better Understanding Shutter Speed – Photography

Better Understanding Shutter Speed – Photography

Have you ever had that slight motion blur show up in an image that you wanted to freeze the motion? That is exactly what happened here, the guitar player jumped off the stack and was not frozen in place. Now not every subject needs to be frozen but in this case I think it would have helped the image.




EthylOH says:

A 200mm f/2.0 would have fixed this. Very cost effective as well.

getlow1985 says:

@EthylOH Do you mean 200mm f/2.8? The f/2 is quite costly…

EthylOH says:

@getlow1985 I guess the humor was very subtle. A $6000 lens on a D3100? Not so much.

Mat397 says:

More videos like this!

xjr1618x says:

@movania89 The easiest way to do it is to find your photo in flickr, then go to share this, box will open choose grab the html, medium, and BBCode. Paste that into your post and the photo will show up! Its much easier than uploading directly to jared's website, since his site only allows to files less than 500kb.

HedonistMUBI says:

This is gr8 thanks.

dipro001 says:

Dear jared please make that forst comment on all your future video's 😛 

niv zigdon says:

@thehouseofnothing i think so…. though i have a 4 yrs old pc (core 2 quad with 4 GB of RAM, 3TB WD drive and nvidia 430) and it works just fine with lightroom safari and some other stuff opened….that kind of stuff is mostly effected by the amount (and clock) of ur RAM, and the white macbooks have like between 2 to 4 GB right? should be fine without too many things opened

Bao Loi says:

How would flash effect this image? Wouldn't that stop the motion as well?

padlockd says:

@JaredPolin lol, solved that problem! =D Good video, as always!

Sean says:

Wait so all I do is bump up the ISO to capture without motion blur? I have a Canon T2i with 50mm f1.8. Can someone please help me? I also shoot continuous when taking pictures of my brother's soccer games. Thanks.

1995billy says:

I'm scared to raise my iso up… I shoot with canon. 

ian deloney says:

I need help choosing a lens, I have a kit 18-55, a 50mm 1.8, and a 70-300 4-5.6 I was going to get the 17-50 2.8 but I want to hear some of you guys opinions of a lens that would be good for me. My budget is $700. I shoot everything really, sports, concerts, portraits, nature, landscape, etc

DYE9 says:

How in photo class, our assignment is shutter speed. Thank you for this vid! Although I already have an idea on what to do with shutter speed :)

Bao Loi says:

@CanAvs16 i don't mean just at concerts, just the concept of the photo and motion.

Edson Hsu says:

What about shutter speed and aperture to control ambient and flash light? Oh, about it. Do you ever use on-camera flash?

helloidiots says:

Jared, time for your view on the Lytro camera. It is out. It kills real fun of photography.

@thehouseofnothing He has the 2009 2.8 i7 4gb ram :)

@PeteyThePickle no you need to speed up the shutter, and to do that you will need to compensate with either aperture or ISO (ISO would be first choice with this lens as your already at 5.6)

A Rivera says:

I am still 50/50 with my D5000 using manual settings or auto. but your videos are helping a whole lot. 

Rabbit Stu says:

Hi Jared, Seeing that you are not ISO shy, what are your opinions on auto iso? I am guessing you are a manual kinda guy though :)

fizzyfoster says:

unrelated: when you buy your first 'pro' setup (5d mk ii or d700), which lens should be bought first… 24-70 or 70-200??

Wheelcranker says:

@fizzyfoster buy a fast, fixed focal length. Same price, better lens, you'll be forced to be more creative. 

Why does he need high ISO outside in harsh light? Why is he having such low shutter speeds at 200? My D40 would have gone to 2000 at 100ISO.

@jmstew0319 Yeah, that's not real helpful…I just said it would have gone to 2000. His was 160 or so. How is mine the same?

@jmstew0319 Yeah, cause I thought harsh light meant lots of light. Bright light. Which means you don't need high ISO to get high shutter speeds. Harsh light must mean drab and cold though. And dark. 

Did I misunderstand you? 2 stops from 1/60th is not 640. If he went from 5.6 down to 2.8, he would be shooting at 1/250th, not 1/640th.

Mcwiz says:

ok so as a new photographer, in this situation( concert) which Af mode is the best option.. one shot or AI servo (canon)? 

Voxnulla says:

This is purely subjective. Frozen shots can just as easily be static, motionless, awkward and regarded as very ugly and boring. Movement can be very helpful and often desired. If this picture embodies the experience from the audiences point of view, then the motion is an integral part of it, personal pedantic tastes for the sake of argument are arbitrary and should not be regarded as truth or rule.

Kyle says:

Jared, thanks for the video on shutter speed. I just today had a similar issue at the Lingerie Playoffs for the LFL league I was taking pictures of. I found the pictures very blurry and ended having to bump to 1600 ISO just to get a decent speed to get a good focus. I've just recently gotten into photography and I'm loving it. I just bought a Canon Rebel T3i with a 18-55mm and a 75-300. I'm soaking up all forms of knowledge and your videos/site are helping immensly.

box202 says:

good thing you didnt bet him on the gaints.

And his Giants did go all the way lol You would have owed him the D3s!

KEV says:

What is the best lens for filming with a Nikon d7000

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