Canon 550D Training Video – Beginner guide to photography part 1/3

Canon 550D Training Video – Beginner guide to photography part 1/3

Beginner guide to photography there are 3 parts.

Hosts Charissa Seet Stephanie Tan
Producer Jay Yao
Writer/ Director Jordan Katherine See
Production Manager Lee Wei Wei
Director of Photography Shawn Fonseka
Additional Photography Joseph Lee Jay Yao
Gaffer Alfred Lim
Location Sound Recordist Mickey Lee
Stylist Woei Seah
Fixer (Shanghai) Zheng Yuyue
Production Assistants Gao Mong Ruan Jiang Xian Ting
Post-Production Infinite Frameworks
Offline Editor Azhar Ismon
Online Editor Joseph Chia
Colourist Yazmin Mat Rahah
Post Producer Eddy Lam
Audio Post-Production Home Studio Pte Ltd
Composer Joshua Chia
Sound Design Jesper Zeng
Audio Post Producer Rina Johari
Special thanks Cinegear (S) Pte Ltd
The Cottage Café
696 Wei Hai Road
Cedric at LE REXO Art&Deco
Guo Chuan Yin




Smart Mobile says:

Excellent video. See my sample photos of Canon 550D on my youtube channel. ;)

They looks like lesbianes !

Njenga John says:

The tall one looks like Jessie J

what lens did you use?

what lens did you use?

Tzur Hoch says:

Thanks girls, this helped a lot for a novice like myself!

Elly Mahmood says:

is the flash help better?

Erkica Platz says:

worse than an Isis video?

Picture style what you wear ?

Paul Lam says:

I use the canon 550D but lots of my results come out blur. May I know if the lens play a part? I saw that your lens is different. What are your lens? Thanks.

Is this joke? f* two retards

How do u pause it while recording please help mee

fronze vere says:

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i nominate these actors for an oscar

"Oh look there's a kid!" ~funniest line of the entire tutorial

thanks dear.. it was helpful !!

Love these videos!

nice videos, Thanks!

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