Wallpaper Themes

Here’s a set of WP themes for creating your own Wallpaper website. Typically these are sharing sites where anyone can submit images and visitors can download them for free… and the website owner makes money with advertising. There’s a definite market there though, so there might be some opportunities for photographers to tweak that approach […]

Azon WordPress Theme

This theme creates a complete Amazon affiliate shop on your blog that you can ‘stock’ with any products you like. Then you just send traffic and earn commissions on all sales. Download

Digital Photography Adsense Blog

Simple blog to generate Adsense revenue. Some technical skill is required to set this up, but it can be well worth the effort, especially if you also add some of your own (written) content and really make it your own. Download

100 Premium WordPress Themes

Quite a mix of designs here, though quite basic by modern standards. Nothing too sophisticated, but plenty of good basic blog themes you can use as is, or tweak with your own graphics and colors. Download