Submit Your Product To The Archive!

If yo you have a quality item of genuine interest to photographers that you'd like to add to the archive we'd love to hear from you! We have a broad cross-section of photographers involved here and we're growing every day, so this is a great opportunity to offer up a free sample of your products or services, to generate some new business.

What We're Keen To See... (and our photographers ask for!)

  • Any good training in the fundamentals: camera technique, lighting, composition.
  • Training and education products for intermediate and advanced photographers.
  • Specialist training and more advanced theory and techniques.
  • Digital darkroom resources: training & tutorials, presets, templates, actions etc.
  • Business resources for photographers... sales, marketing, admin, tax etc.
  • Anything else photography related or likely to use useful to our photographers.

You need to submit a complete stand-alone product. You can link it to your website and refer to your premium products or services if you like, but the item you submit must be fully self-contained and not require any purchase or upgrade for our photographers to use.

How it works...

Step 1. You'll need to send us a review copy. Just email it to us: admin[at] We'll look it over and if it meets our requirements we'll direct you to our submission form.

Step 2. You'll then be asked for some additional information.  We'll ask you to make a short declaration that the item is yours to distribute and that you are giving us permission to add it to our archive. You can provide a cover image if available, a short description and a link to your preferred website.

Step 3. We add it to the archive & announce it to our Members. Most of our Members opt-in to be notified when new downloads are added, but we'll feature your contribution on our Members Dashboard page as well, to make sure they see it!

And if you have a mailing list of Photographers...

Step 4. Register for our affiliate program and send them an email! We operate through Clickbank and JVZoo, so use whichever network works for you, grab an email swipe from our Affiliate Tools page, and schedule some emails. After our re-launch is complete we'll be switching to a monthly membership structure, so you'll be paid recurring commissions for the life of any new customers you refer.

As always, any questions at all, please do contact us!