Creating Professional Photography w/ $30 Reflectors – Photography Lighting Tutorial

Creating Professional Photography w/ $30 Reflectors – Photography Lighting Tutorial

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About a month ago, we took on the challenge of shooting an entire fashion shoot with just an iPhone and a couple $30 reflectors as a follow up video to the FStoppers iPhone Fashion Shoot. The SLR Lounge iPhone Photo Shoot has gotten a lot of attention and we thought it was time for a follow up video.

So, in this follow up video, we will be showing you guys the exact reflector lighting techniques that we used to pull off every shot that we took in the SLR Lounge iPhone Photo Shoot.

However, we will be using a legit camera this time. This time we will be using our 5D Mark II along with a 50mm 1.4 Prime Lens. But, trust me that you can pretty much get these exact same shots with virtually any DSLR body with a 50mm 1.4 Prime Lens attached. Below the video, we have listed out all of the equipment and software used to create these shots. So be sure to check that out as well.

Enjoy, and as always, let us know what you think!




▶ Creating Professional Photography w/ $30 Reflectors – Photography Lighting Tutorial – YouTube

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Paolo Ruder says:

Take a look at this video on YouTube:

Here you have before & after photos for easy compare…

1st-pic  2:33|2:38 2nd-pic 3:17|3:31 3rd-pic  4:25|4:33 4th-pic  5:12|5:18 5th-pic  5:56|6:13

Jamie Byrne says:

Love reflectors. Used fill flash and reflector. reflector is so much nicer effect than fill flash. flash is harsh, flat and artificial. catch lights when on the hot shoe are small and unattractive, there is frequently a colour temperature balance issue and red eye happens. putting it off camera makes it a bit better but still not as diffuse and flattering to the subject unless you also use a softbox for example. to my eyes, the average portable softbox still produces a more flat and lifeless look than a reflector. plus the setting up of off-camera flash is a pain to organise: you need a decent flash, compatible triggers, right level of intensity even when using ttl, trying to get right synch speed, fresh batteries and so on. with a reflector you see the shot before you take it, more or less. with flash you have to look at your little lcd screen to see if it is right and that can be very deceptive. i gave up on on and off camera flashes for fill light a long time ago. not worth the hassle at all. maybe if i was very rich and could pay for top gear and an assistant to assemble everything. otherwise forget it ;)

Bee G says:

Where would the reflectirs be purchased? 

The only negative thing about reflectors is that you always need to have an assistant

MIA says:

I found this really helpful. Than you

Moynul Haque says:

Could please show your Lightroom and Photoshop edit. Many thanks.

arica387 says:

Thanks for the video!!!

Jason Auw says:

thanks for the sharing the knowledge, but it'll be nice without editing the photos just to able to differentiate the photos easily.

Thanks! Very helpful! Super excited to use my reflector this evening! :)

Great tips and lovely photos – thanks for sharing… :)

Tia DeGiobbi says:

This was super helpful! Thank you!

Tom Cass says:

Very informative but why do the lightroom edited photos look better (to me) than the Photoshop ones?

Ken Knopp says:

Why do you edit it if you are trying to show before and after pictures, the only thing that you are showing is that you can edit.

Tom A says:

You need to put images along each other, you cannot really compare if there is 2 sec video in between

Soben Sne says:

Thank SLR Lounge.

MsGaby915 says:

What size are the reflectors?

dinged2000 says:

Is that the 405 and kaiser in the background?

Mark Harris says:

All I was wondering was is Jessica going to get blown away? Great shots and the reflectors certainly opened them up, but wouldn't gold have made them warmer for outdoor shooting.

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