creative photography – portrait tutorial

creative photography – portrait tutorial

video by Elliott Mariess

How to easily use your DSLR to take great portraits with limited equipment.

There is no need for expensive gear, just one camera and one lens is enough if you know how to look for the good light.




Anyone ? Fellas I own Canon 600d, i enjoyed it quite so far, but it short lived. My friend on the other hand own a Nikon d5200, which i found is much better when put together ( 600d/d5200 ).
One thing that annoyes me is that, there's a lot of difference in the picture quality, so does the Colour. And it happens to be that, we both own the same lenses,50mm, apart from the two lenses that come along with the box. What I've noticed from my close encounter, putting them both at the same setting doesn't give same result, be it day or night. Nikon just beat my camera any given day, even after putting them both at the same setting.
Night photography is so much better on Nikon D5200. Same aperture, same ISO, same shutter speed, still it beats my model.

Why the heck is that ?

Marc House says:

Hello, I have only started doing portraits and have only done natural light but i loved the results and options the off camera flash brought. Could you recomend the set up you had? Just a simple stand for the off camera with the reflector or the white cloth material surronding the flash. Thanks in Advance!

So helpful! Thank you!

Junaid Ahmed says:

Explaining DOF using pencil was quite an example, so I had to comment. great video

prasad007 says:

May i know which lens is used in this video?

brianminkc says:

nice to see low cost equipment used in a shoot. Well I mean except for the $1600 lens.

There is no CHDK…hack tool for my canon sx410 IS…please help…

Faizan Ali says:

how did u do the last photograph….with black background?

You have the most expensive accessory, an assistant to hold the reflector or a light stand. 🙂 Good tutorial for beginners.

Hi Mike, Absolutely wonderful tutorial with stunning Miss Courtney Butcher. No nonsense extremely useful tips. Thank you so much. Wishing you the very best.

nice girl is so beautiful thats why photos are looking good

great photographer good photography

Resnick14 says:

I have everything except Courtney ,

Dude you've got some serious relation with Michael Caine.

Phantastic footage. 💥.

Jackson Tan says:

I have only a camera,can shoot like you? I dont have equipment

hi ,I am looking for best potrait lens for my canon aps_c camera .whis lens can help me ??

Teach me how to shoot like yours
Thanks in advance

Thank i will try

梁贊 says:

nice model


interesting tutorial

Rahul Sk says:

Best video thanks lot
Felt good , i brought an eBook on Photography called trick photography book
it was helpful

Gh dy says:

Helpful Tutorial and an AMAZING KOURTNEYY 😍

Zarak Khan says:

sorry but i dont get this 1000th of 180 or 100 or 160 kindky explain this i dont get it

Mohd Faliq says:

Very helpful ! Thank you, sir !

didjuforget says:

Granted this video is from years ago. I am Curios to why someone added camera shake to a tutorial video in post, and why they chose this particular style. I find it way to "jumpy" and find it almost unwatchable.

Connor L. says:

how can he lift the lens if it weighs 2 tons? Wouldn't this damage the camera body/mount?

Awesome tutorial i ever seen….. Impressive…

Really Nice , Its Help full Lesson
Thank you Sir

Domski Plays says:

great and helpful video

Michael Lau says:

Perfect match between the photographer and the model. Great stuff.

nadeem ahmed says:

Thank you sir :)

did you edit the photos? coz i dont think the flash will remove the black mark she has on her face
just be original for us to learn

ArtPhoEdi says:

more understanding with the same dslr.

Great video. One Q: what is better for portraits 85mm f1.8 or 100mm f 1.8.? These shots were taken with 100mm (85×1.5) . Thanks

MsAmour2009 says:

Great job, thank you very much!

Md Mueid says:

So nice talkto you !

John Gaynor says:

Steve Davis knows his cameras!

superb sir.
i have 50mm (cropped @75mm) i am gonna try this technique . thanks sir

Great work, thanks for sharing

tokyodave 66 says:

An excellent tutorial. Technical material explained clearly. Thanks. Looking forward to your other videos. Cheers.

CC Maronilla says:

Love this!  Thanks so much for showing how.

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