Many of the packages in your download library come with some type of reseller rights, and many of those will include a basic reseller website. This lets you add a complete revenue stream to your business with just a small amount of work.

  1. Find something that might interest your audience.
  2. Create your own payment links, usually PayPal.
  3. Edit the mini-site to use your payment links & info.
  4. Upload it to your hosting account.
  5. Send traffic to the offer!

This is assuming you have a website of your own and you're able to add your own content to it. If not, you might find it useful to set up a separate WordPress 'Blog' that will let you publish your own content and offers whenever you want.

You'll find plenty of info and training in the downloads library to help you along. What follows here are some essential services you might want to consider. Some of these are affiliate links... meaning I'll might get a small commission if you make a purchase... but the fact is I've been using and recommending these for quite a few years and would continue to do so regardless.

Either way, you should always do your own research and find service providers that match your own needs. Just treat these guys as a benchmark on pricing, service and features. (Many more resources coming soon!)


Web Hosting 101

This is a bare-bones guide to setting up a standard CPanel Hosting Account and uploading your first website package. Generally speaking, you'd set this up, install WordPress as your main site and home page, and add the various packages in sub-directories.

Wholesale Domain Names

This is a reseller account we set up sometime back so we could offer our photographers wholesale pricing on domain name registrations.  A lot of providers will try to get you in with big front end discounts.  So use this site as a guide to the actual wholesale cost... and be wary of anyone going much cheaper as you can be certain they'll make it back at renewal time.

Quality CPanel Web Hosting

This link goes to Bluehost, a major hosting wholesaler... fast & reliable hosting, great service and competitive prices. This is the hosting service many of the others you'll see are 'reselling', so long term you will do better if you deal with them direct!

Managed WordPress Hosting

If you prefer to keep it simple and you just want to run a WordPress website from the WordPress Admin Dashboard... ie you aren't interested in CPanel or learning the various back-end Admin tasks, WPEngine might be the option for you.

It's a little more expensive, but they do everything, so you can just focus on publishing your  content.... and this link goes to a special 20% discount on the personal hosting plan! ( Use the code wpe20off )

WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting