Depth of Field : Photography Tutorial for Beginners (Bokeh) – CamCrunch

Depth of Field : Photography Tutorial for Beginners (Bokeh) – CamCrunch

Depth of Field is how much of your image is in acceptable focus. When you have a large portion of your image in focus, you have what is called a large or deep depth of field. When you have very little in focus, you have what is called a small or shallow depth of field. Depth of Field is controled by three thing: Aperture, focal length and the distance of the subject from the camera.

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tnx bro ,,but i cant get the iso ,,,

Excellent video explaining these variables which affect depth of field, very well structured and presented.

Thank you for sharing!

Helen Pullen says:

This was very helpful perhaps the most helpful photography tutorial channel I've discovered so far. Thank you 😀

Great video. While I appreciate the detailed, technical and long reviews on other channels, this is far more helpful to a novice like myself. Subbed!

A great help! Thank you!

Evelyn M says:

Very helpful, thank you

Mike Schuch says:

Great Video!  Thank you very much!!!

So young. So smart. 🎥great video. Smart delivery of information. 

Smart teacher…Thank you so much…

Subscribed (Y)….

DawnOfDoom12 says:

Thanks for this, helped a lot :)

@CamCrucnch I'm a beginner in photography and I find your teaching very helpful.

Ebony Cotton says:

very very very helpful! you go boy! :)

Excellent!…Excellent job of explaining the subject matter! I'd give it two thumbs up if I could!…thank you young man!

unbelievably helpful. thanks.

YourPalCal says:

You look like Michael Cera… great vid

Mahbub Navil says:

whts the diffrence between aperture nd focal length..??
it is confusing me..:p

Dina Katz says:

after watching so many videos, yours has FINALLY explained it to me! Thank you so much!

Sakshi Goyal says:

Thankyou sooo much!
Your videos are a great help..
The only thing i didn't get in his video was the sensor part.. I mean the thing you were trying to explain at the end..

Higher F/ makes the video recording darker? How can I make the video look bright without any noise around the footage?

jillibeans78 says:

This is awesome! It was very easy to understand! Thanks so much for making this video!!

CT Explorer says:

I have a Kodak z740 I get what youre saying about the f stop the first subject but I don't get the last two vocal length if anyone can help thatd be great

diana Pinto says:

Hey CamCrunch! Thanks for making everything easy. Would love to see a video on Formats. If you can then please do make one.

Yiyi Sun says:

thank you very much! it is very helpful!

I love the easy to understand way you explain things. Thanks for posting!

Great video explaining depth of field. You make a sometimes confusing subject for beginners to understand very easy to understand.

Kenny Tai says:

I felt like I was at the eye doctor lol. 1 or 2? 2 or 3? Great video!

what about if i want a 2 objects in focus that are seperate and everything behind it out of focus. ex: 2 people reaching out to each other but about 10 feet apart

Ivy Kim says:

Thank you. I love the way you explain. It's very simple to understand for beginner like me!

BMyselfNow says:

I love how you explain things….this makes so much sense!!!

great video congratulations

19 people have a shit camera

Finally some one put a video that explained this subject in a way anybody can understand. Thank you!!!

thanks for your videos..makes a lot of sense..subscribed 📷

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