Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 16: Exposure

Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 16: Exposure

In this episode Mark talks about the basics of exposure. Learn how the Aperture, Shutter and ISO work together to control how an image is exposed.




Derek imig says:

Amazing videos…I really do appreciate them. Got a kick out of the fact sensitivity was spelled wrong. Please don't tell me I'm the 84,869th person to watch this and no one else caught it! 

Arun Kumar says:

Good 1 Mark Thankz. 

skyoctane says:

Just one of your many awesome and entertaining videos Mark. Thanks so much for sharing. Please keep doing what you are doing and please keep those hilarious animations coming. You're a funny man :)

Funny explanation added today

freedomd333 says:

five people only shoot with their mobile phone.

DippBlue says:

The 5 people that gave thumbs down to this awesome video are jerks.

Great explanation on exposure. Before watching this video I don't have any idea on ISO. Now I am very clear on exposure compensation..

Roo Man says:

I was looking foir a simple way to explain the triangle to a friend who just got a camera. Good simple and not too long, well done.

Thank you for providing this information

hi mark,I'm new to photography…
recently i went to photograph some sports events and i got pissed off on the exposure settings…what happened is the subject on which i focused was properly exposed but the background was washed out and it was fully white..what should i do…i tried in all the modes from manual mode,shutter priority and aperture priority… but nothing worked…i find your videos very helpful so i hope u please help me out


Great video keeping things simple!

albertr915 says:

what does iso stand for? what is the I,what is the S & what is the O?

Das Menon says:

I like the simplicity and orgnization of your thoughts

Chadi Bahij says:

No body can explain the 3 components of exposure like Mark Wallace

I'm new to photography too and I just bought a Nikon D7100. I can make the adjustments easily enough but is there a table for exposures? For example if you have a 100 ISO set do you set your shutter speed to a certain number?

Allan Kamen says:

Great video, I just learned more about photography in 6 minutes than I ever knew.  I have to watch more of this series, it will certainly help me to be a better photographer.  One error in your video – it's spelled sensitivITy.

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Paul Woods says:

Great spelling of "sensitivity" ;)

Mindziasin says:

Less Aperture = Slower Shutter… K..

Nice explanation. Clear and Cryspy.Thanks for Sharing.

Supriya Das says:

All your videos are very helpful to understand the basics of photography. I have watched a lot of these videos.
The example of the movie theater experience for our eyes is more suitable to aperture control rather than ISO.

– Clean
– Informative
– Clear
– Efficient
Using this channel to enhance our Yearbook Club. Thanks!

stupid says:

hi bros this video is great

Rina Norwood says:

Great tutorial! It is clear and your photography knowledge shows through.

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