Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 32: Composition: Adorama Photography TV

Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 32: Composition: Adorama Photography TV

Adorama Photography TV presents: In this episode Mark will show us some tips for becoming a better photographer using the basic elements of composition.

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Jay Malone says:

This is excellent for all the people asking me how to get started taking pictures!

Phone Hseng says:

Thanks a lot, it was very helpful.

J1andJ2show says:

What would you recommend on how to judge the quality of the picture after taking it.using what you have taught.

this is what i'm waiting for… ^^ thank you so much.! 

normpowell says:

Do you use Picasa to edit? 

snapfactory says:

@normpowell No, I used Adobe Lightroom 3.0

Adorama says:

@xmeerzx It's the Panasonic Lumix GF1

Jim Cormier says:

Mark…GREAT Job as usual. I have learned so much since I have begun watching your videos. Keep it up your a real inspiration to a beginning DSLR users like me.

Jim Cormier says:

Greta Job asu usual Mark. Keep the great videos coming our way.

Hey Mark, I wish to thank Adorama and you. I love watching your video's. I have been shooting for a while and have knowledge of the items you spoke of in this video but to see you go into the park and capture some great shots was outstanding. I really loved the examples you provided. Great work and thank you!!!

ArMonory says:

You're a wonderful instructor. Thank you!

they are very good tips, I love these bite sized lessons. Thanks guys

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