Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 72: Composing Portraits

Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 72: Composing Portraits

Watch this video to learn the do’s and don’ts of portrait photography. Also learn how to break the rules. When can you chop off the top of someone’s head or limbs? What are the real no-nos of portrait photography. Mark gives you the rules of thumb as well as good posing advice.




SuperMangn says:

@Simaster Yes but the people behind this video `adorama tv` are a wealthy business with many people working for them, including editors and pro photographers. They could make much more in depth vids if they wanted and it would be no skin off their nose.

Simaster says:

@SuperMangn there are more in depth videos on the actual adorama website – Mark (aka snapfactory) is just one guy, running his own business and managing to film high quality videos in his own time on top. I appreciate them and his work at least, as nothing else comes close on YT. To go through the complete repertoire of classic photography headshots and compositions would take forever I have 4 books on the subject alone. 8 minutes is a good jump off point.

thanks for the vid..

Binu N.G. says:

I totally agree with showing photographs to the subjects. So far I have had very good response.

Great dance moves at the end there Mark LOL.

70-200mm on there ?

Heba Ragab says:

Amazing tips. thank you so much :)

Craig Bullen says:

Great video thank you. 10/10 Effort&skill, but only 6/10 for continuity :o) model hair down, then up and finally down again..or maybe I was looking at the model more than paying attention to what Mark was saying :oP

Brian Hunt says:

thank you Mark I have watched many of your lessons and I am always better for it.. Your delivery and easy explanations are so helpful..

Satyam Joshi says:

very informative/educative !

Great tuitorial


Great Sir..! thanks for all information..!!!!

Jeremy Ng says:

Fantastic tutorial ! Thanks!

iRockstar says:

Haha, Lars from Denmark….Lars Ulrich 

misztsz says:


Very helpful tips . Mark thank you very much

great video, thank you :-)

siwini says:

@snapfactory do use lens filters+scoops?

Barry Ready says:

what to do you get living toady. .

KenRick says:

jess is hot!

Paul Chan says:

What lens he is using

Fa Rid says:

You're saving my life.

Extremely informative. Often wondered the same questions on cutting off heads, arms etc. THX!!!!!!

R1000H1 says:

too right for a budding photography they are great learn in lessons 

erkanerdin says:

Mark, would you please give some basic tips posing.For instance which way should body or the face turn, Or; how to do with the legs and arms etc.?

Great advices!! Thanks!

thank you for all the tips and advice … its priceless :)

Andres Munoz says:

All your videos are really good

David Rey says:

Great info Mark as always!!!

danobot says:

Where can I find Episode 76 to 201? They're not in this playlist..

Lucid Strike says:

'Crop off' makes more sense than "chop off".

Stu FromOz says:

Yep should be careful how you chop up your models.

The Gull says:

Great advice. I too like to share what some of the images looks like as we go, always brings out a smile in their face to know the photos are coming out as good or better than they expect.

Those are great tips. Thank you.

sikkinixx75 says:

very useful, thank you!

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very useful tips, thank you so much.

Very useful video. Thanks!

Great tutorial as always, Mark! :-)

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