DSLR Photography Tutorial – Shutter Speed – Important Lesson for Beginners

DSLR Photography Tutorial – Shutter Speed – Important Lesson for Beginners

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Photography Tutorials & Tips: A detailed tutorial of different Shutter Speeds with sample pictures.

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J Goodman says:

favorite line so far, "…sorry, that was 2/10ths of a second, sorry, I'm an idiot." lol

J Goodman says:

nice retro shirt. I like. I also LOVE your photography classes….learning a LOT. THANK YOU.

scott nguyen says:

thank you. i have learned a lot from your vids

extremely helpful..

Emmanouil says:

Just bought a DSLR and this tutorial is an excellent introduction to a basic concept, brief and easy to understand.

Sam White says:

Great informative Video!

kathy geiger says:

Thank You so much for helping me so much I think you are the best!

pijnacker01 says:

Thanks, been messing with astrophotography and as a beginner, these tutorials have been very useful!

Pamela B says:

your tutorials are the BEST!!!!  thanks!!

Thanks so much for these tutorials they are very helpful.

MrRadiyo says:

You do an awesome job of explaining these things. Thanks so much!

Thank you for these videos. I'm currently enrolled in a online photography course an because i'm a hands on/visual learning I was struggling a bit but thanks to your videos it's all making sense now…. Thanks a TON!

E Jensen says:

thanks photo Dude.  Your vids are the best for beginners because you show example pics of each f stop or shutter speed etc.  source: im a beginner and ive watched every beginner vid on you tube.  thanks again! 

d4v3y01 says:

Great video. One thing I need clarifying – In my mind, if I want an image with as wide a depth of field as possible with minimal noise, I should set the camera to a really low ISO (low noise) and make the aperture as small as possible (DOF), and compensate for the low exposure by making the shutter speed really slow. Assuming the subject and camera are perfectly still, will this combination produce a high quality low noise image? Or does a slow shutter speed also reduce image quality vs a fast shutter speed? Thanks

aasim mohd says:

thanks thanks thanks

Truong005 says:

Thank you for your videos. It is help me a lot.


Thank for the help. I'm taking a digital photography class. By teacher explains it okay but I needed a better understanding

yet another amazing tutorial. thanks again

Bruce Nguyen says:

I do like the way he explains. Excellent! Thank you for sharing.

Nancy Milano says:

Another great tutorial for a beginner like me!

Its Me says:

Thank you

oni mahmood says:

Where can I find the Shutter Speed part 2?

thanx man 😀 really helped me 

Thanks! I got myself a composition book and I'm taking notes. I really like that you explain the meaning behind the rules of photography. I'm really starting to figure out my camera

Mohan Rao says:

Is the flipping of mirror and shutter speed same?

where can i find the iso video ?

Anna Aran says:

This is very helpful, thank you very much!

Richel Buan says:

i just bought d7100.. i can't understand the setting of shutter speed..it seems like its not the same screen menu…:(

Thanks again 🙂 great tutorial

love these videos, easy to understand, thanks!

Great Tutorial. Very detailed and informative

usb6009 says:

Very simple explanation. . Good job buddy

Libby_Stars says:

what type of camera is that?

venkat t says:

Thanks a lot for these intros….

Thanks for this vid, I learned a ton!

Thank you. both on Aperture and shutter speed was excellent.

Keep it coming!! Great info!

Kamal Sinno says:

Hello jibran, ive been following your videos and experimenting, everything is good. however i feel i am behind, i got a 650D as a gift, 2 years ago i took a photograpy course but didnt have a camera, instead i worked on friends 600D & 550D. i saw your video on 650D. i already know what is a 5d, 6d and other more professional cameras, but im stuck with this 650D for now. can you make a detailed video, on how far can i push my 650d and be productive? regardless of the fact that its not a pro,it any entry, would it be possible to use it for wedding photograpy till i can buy a 5d or so, and finally, what lenses, and external mics are good affordable and can capture great sound without having to buy a field mixer or zoom h4n. thanks

amazing tutorial! so helpful!

wheres the part 2 of this vdeo??

Gypsee Jaye says:

Thank you so much!

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