Every Time I Walk Past The Canvas Collection In My Living Room, I See May Be A Higher Status, She May Often Dismiss Him Off The Bat, Or Will Focus On Sustaining Or Raising Her Own Status.

Every Time I Walk Past The Canvas Collection In My Living Room, I See May Be A Higher Status, She May Often Dismiss Him Off The Bat, Or Will Focus On Sustaining Or Raising Her Own Status.

The drop was largely due to disappointing growth figures. Daily active users (DAUs) on the app rose just five per cent quarter-on-quarter and 36 per cent year-on-year, to 166m. This time last year, Snapchat was adding DAUs at 52 per cent year-on-year. The slowing growth was blamed on Facebook’s concerted efforts to mimic Snapchat’s unique features, with Instagram’s Stories feature outpacing Snapchat’s own and reaching 200m DAUs. Snap’s net losses for the quarter soared from $104.6m (£80.9m) to $2.2bn, largely due to the costs of the IPO. Revenues for the quarter rose by an impressive 286 per cent but still fell short of forecasts by around $9m, and the company’s adjusted loss of $188.2m was higher than expected. Average revenue per user rose 181 per cent year-on-year, but was actually down quarter-on-quarter by 14 per cent to $0.90. The company generated most of its revenues from advertising, but brought in $8.3m from elsewhere, largely driven by its Spectacles smartglasses. Despite this, only 5m Snaps have been created through the wearables to date, compared to the 3bn sent daily over the application as a whole.

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