Fashion, Glamour, Modeling, Posing, and Lighting Photography Tutorial (outtakes @ 15:00)

Fashion, Glamour, Modeling, Posing, and Lighting Photography Tutorial (outtakes @ 15:00)

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Nice one, Subscribed. Please keep'em comin…

n vt says:

Hi girl, just a question how many watts are your strobes?

Chelsea you are one crazy girl….but we would not have you any other way. It takes a clever person to make something hard look easy. And you succeeded.

avsr87 says:

I just started last year, and in a way you and Tony have basically taught me majority of the stuff I know till now. I love the videos! they're really easy to follow. I bought both your books and refer to them from time to time. just wondering when you guys are coming up with a book just on photoshop?
I saw the glamour video from December last year, and really want to learn all the stuff you showed in that video!

Dear Chelsea and Tony! Just found the tutorials of you and your lovely wife! They are very very nice! Competent, informative, easy to understand (also for non-native speakers) and also very entertaining in a humble natural style – thank you so much and please keep up the good work!
… Oh and BTW… I am just downloading your book on my iPad right now…! ;-)

Chelsea, you're beautiful, smart, talented, and a total dork! I love your video! Thank you!

I pretty much love Chelsea, she is hilarious.  Loved the outtakes.

Great tutorials!!!! Thanks! I would like to know the name of the portrait plugin for PS… I kind a miss it as u spoke very fast.. thanks.

Wonderful video…

beanz88 says:

lool she's a legend ! that ending is hilarious.

Z photo says:

Oh my God shes so beautiful !!!

Thank you for doing this video. It was really excellent. You have your presentation skills off to a tee 🙂 It's normally Tony I'm watching in these videos. So I am tempted to get the book. As it's published 3 years now will there be a volume 2 this year?

what is the name of the book

Flag Ranger says:

you are so much fun : )

ClayClaim says:

Like your channel, job well done!!! You have earned a new subscriber :)

This video just covered everything what i needed to move away from boring "standard" portrait photography to something more awesome. Will definitely get the book. Giga like!

3d Bymike says:

I want the book but I don't care to read that much. There was a video that Tony did saying there was an option fir people like me, can you tell me which copy I need to buy to have access to just the video version of the book? Thanks

nueschi says:

Nice video, especially the ending ;o)

cool 🙂 thnx for the tips!

Marcus M. says:

Very good and instructional video ! Thank you so much. ;-)

Love the ending! Great videos guys!

Andrew says:

Love the ending – very funny :-)

David D says:

Lol love you, so funny, yet still learn tons!

impressive stuff! like how you guys don't waste time with chatter. oh and the outtakes were hilarious.:)

Cliff Hatter says:

Bought the book!

Thanks for the lighting and model advice, that's really good, and also that you advise people that they don't need expensive gear. However, is there even any editing you did that can't be done just in Lightroom? Lightroom is really cheap for what it can do!

You don't need content aware fill to remove the lightstand – simple cloning will do that, although you might have to do it in patches.
Skin fixing can all be done in Lightroom. You may need some processing power due to all the meta-edits, but you'll be saving the HDD-space of the 10-odd tifs you have lying around there, and just work on one RAW.
Using noise reduction for skin smoothing is also a bit unconventional… well 😉

Anyway great video. Thanks!

Janice K says:

Yes. I watched all of the outtakes. Super Cool.

Mark Harris says:

"Makes me look better than I actually look." I'm a big fan of both yourself and Tony, and, I always avoid anything like some of the adolescent comments I see about your looks. But in truth anyone who has had a camera for more than a week will notice your amazing eyes and mouth, especially when you smile. Strangely the model you often use, the one with beautiful freckles has the same qualities. You are also an amazingly talented lady, who comes at photography from the arty side which massively compliments Tony's scientific side. Brilliant video as usual, and if anyone hasn't got your book I strongly recommend it, even if you're an experienced photographer there's something in it for you.

Steve Blake says:

Bought 2 books! Amazing videos :)

Thank you Chelsea!

1God238 says:

15:22 "All this stuff is free and you didn't buy our book yet? You CHEAPSKATE!" Lol! I have been rightfully shamed into buying this book hahaha! Honestly, you guys are great and so much fun to watch and I'm learning a ton from these videos. Thanks for doing all that you do! (seriously…I'm going to Amazon to buy it right now)

More outtakes pls

I'm not a cheap skate, I'm legitimately broke.

Fhoto Bay B says:

Good video….. liked it…..

Farhan B says:

so hot! daam

why .tif? is it better than .jpeg for editing?

😀 amazing, i love this and her :D

Adeola Ajala says:

Are the lights behind you video lights or strobes….i want to know if the flash too or you used the continuous light….

Chris says:

I love your videos. Just one observation, Chelsea you're awesome but a li'l OCD'ed about dodge tool and your eyes. Nothing actually happened after you dodge-d your eyes lol!

I noticed you didn't photoshop out the camera flash in your eyes. Do you always leave that in?

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