free wedding photography tutorial tips and tricks behind the scenes how to take wedding photos

free wedding photography tutorial tips and tricks behind the scenes how to take wedding photos

Christian Tudor Academy of Photography will explain in detail how you could photograph a wedding – what equipment is necessary to take good wedding photos. The video is a detailed description of the wedding main parts, bride preparation, groom preparation, wedding ceremony and reception. You will find out about the best wedding photography equipment and the best poses.
If you want to become a wedding photographer this video will help you
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Thank you for this tutorial.

which lens do you prefer at outdoor photography?

Irfan Raza says:

So useful. Thankyou.

Roy UK says:

Hi Christian , When shooting the bride and groom walking towards you i.e. the confetti shot , do you shoot on one shot focus or continuous plus shutter priority @ 125th .

Thanks for the video , it's very helpfull .

Very interesting and informative

Ciao!! Please see out the brand new cover video i have done! I tried my best! Cheers!

hi sir, can you give me a cheap camera sir ? i really want to have one, but i cannot buy, i dont have enough money to buy one.. :(

& sexy wedding couple just love you guys match. You should look into my channel. I wepost wedding videos and speeches every week My Special Day UK or visit our blog and facebook page.

but do you use a nikon or a canon?

very imformative and to the point .thanx for sharing

You are awesome…I'm learning so much

Tony Marquez says:

Hey Chris. I've only been a wedding Photographer now for 3 years but it's just lately my techniques have been progressing because of my lighting techniques and using Lightroom. I would love to get some of your feed back on my work. I have not utilize my flash equipment and I would like to. I do use also a Nikon which is the D800 and the go to lens I use quite a bit is a Tamon 70-200mm f2.8 My dream lens is the Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 but until now I have to live with this lens until I can afford the Nikkor glass. Please take a look at my work and do give me some of your feed back to improve my work.

I found this video very informative, thankyou for sharing your tips and camera settings :-)

Wolfyy77 says:

I ordered via works great!

Dori M says:

Great video! Can you make a video that can focus on explaining how to take best dance floor motion pictures with using flash? thank u!

Iqbal Ali says:

Thanks very much, you were the most useful video so far.

ValiRossi says:

Looks like a long day.

I learned so much from you sir! Thank you so much.

this video was very useful ,can you do video tips about portrait shoot.?

Also; SHOOT RAW :)

Nice tips, thanks for sharing

w11buc says:

Another great video. I'm still pretty new to wedding photography and your videos give me such a lot of help and ideas. Many thanks. Bill

aokzk says:

Useful tips! Thanks!

ah931990 says:

can u tell about the easiest editing software, which can save the time..??

Kadie Lydin says:

Doing my first wedding. These will be helpful tips. although i have only one camera, i will try to succeed the bride and grooms needs

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