Graduated ND Filter for Better Photos: Property Photography

Graduated ND Filter for Better Photos: Property Photography

The Grad filter i use is a cokin pro z (link here ) it fits on my canon 16-35 full frame lens with the canon 5dmark 2. you need to buy lens rings to get it to fit the same size of lens you are using more details and links in the blog here
Adapter ring 77mm and 82mm adapter ring
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Can't believe I left it so long to get Grad ND filters (I use Lee, now not so sure the cost was justified). So vital for landscapes. The amount of sky detail you can recover from the RAW files is immense. If you don't own one, get one.

As long as you don't clip the highlights too far, in the new generation of sensors I rarely need a grad, infact I don't ever, all of it is pullable back in RAW format. I just watch the highlights and pull the shadows (usually only needs it slightly, the D800's DR is huge for starters). To get as much detail in, I clip the highlights slightly, in RAW you can recover about 2/3rds of a stop easily, the D800 owns the shadows and as long as you are not crazy, the colours in the shadows stay great.

I've used Cokin filters in DX but as I shoot with full frame, I mostly use bracketing + combining in photoshop.

Hey! 🙂 What kind of filter do you recommend the most to get some nice blue sky, and colorful grass for example? Im about to buy some kind of filter o my 16-35, but I realy need your help. Thank you dude! :)

Dom, you can on the nex 7 handhold hdr three shots open them up in photomatix choose photographic or realistic and you are done. there is a lot to be said for sony cameras.

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