How To Apply Cinematic Color Grading To Your Photos

How To Apply Cinematic Color Grading To Your Photos

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Doug Zieman says:

Don't see any benefit to this…unless my monitor is skewed there's a green color cast on the jacket that looks terrible.

oldproji says:

You go to fast for anyone trying to work along side you.  I got fed up trying to keep up. Sorry about that.  As a teacher/tutor you need to work at a beginners pace.

Great Vid, I just wished you would of added one last step which is…now that you've created this look/grade, how to save this as a LUT so it can be applied to additional images without having to go through all these steps on multiple images.

In a professional setting, I feel this was over complicated and would take too long to achieve a relatively easy effect. As well, they cast on the jacket was too harsh. Overcomplicating is not good in a professional workflow. Just an opinion.

Sujata Setia says:

Awesome guys awesome. This is mental. 

Sujata Setia says:

I'm in love with phlearn. Crazy stuff… Sometimes I have to admit I do go a tad bit over board with my using of techniques shown here but I simply love phlearn. U guys r such a huge support for the freshly starting and aspirational photographers. I find it quite annoying when trolls stop by to say crap on the stuff u guys teach cos they do nothing but spew some serious nonsense.

Great stuff guys. 

no Bad comments here only a question..Can you possibly show something along the lines of Focus Stacking ..I'd really appreciate it Thank you ..please

bleuswiffer says:

Thanks again Aaron! I am your Fan!

GermanyDuck says:

Is it me or Aaron looks completely different from now. In this vid he is like chubby white dad, and now he is a young man with hella rad hair. Cool tutorial btw

Hi Aaron or who read this from Phlearn.

Thank for your work, You give very useful workshops.
Few weeks ago I watched lesson about hue-sat. When I try to find them again it does not work.

Lesson consist in toning the picture in that hue wich on the skin of the human.
Could you help me find?

Thank you.

cool guy has a chill day

Amazing!!! thanks!!!

Gambit771 says:

Where is the link to the other tutorial in the video?

I could not make layer mask visible on screen . (like an image) Tried mask options but got no hint. Could you please kindly explain how to do this .Thank you .

your method is very complicated :(

Photoshop needs a 3 way color correction like Premiere. Would make this effect 10 time more easy.

MGstaR17 says:

Really cool tutorial, thanks! :)

I like your tutorial, but you talk too fast.

David C says:

that quick break u mentioned is so true. i do that all the time with my photos.

Seriously, you are better than most ..tutor in graphic designing.
<3 (y)

steve duman says:

I do not like your laughing very often. looks and feel very fake. annoying my friend. you are laughing in every begin of sentence.. are you comedian or instructor?…

steve duman says:

you are too fast buddy

Is it only me that had to stop the video 50 times, and repeat parts so I could catch what was said? The speech is rattled SOOOOOO fast you simply can't keep up and clearly, he can't be bothered/doesn't hvae time to explain things properly so he simply rattles them off and hopes you can keep up by constantly pausing the video.

Your tutorials are amazing!

Any tips for applying the channel technique to someone with a darker complexion?

Aaron is there a way to change background in video?

can you make a colour grading tutorial of John wick


Jose Curiel says:

where's the link?

harpcab says:

It's a really great tutorial, and I'm very thankful for this. But I think if you are new or just trying this kind of technique, you'll find it hard to get if you'll be using a completely different image. I'm completely a noob, but I think he easily selected the skin tone areas here because the highlights are in skin parts. Try using this same method on light background. I'm not so sure about this though, any thoughts? or corrections for me? 🙂 :)

Mark Vinokur says:

great tutorial, love how Aaron packs multiple mini "how-to" photoshop tricks into main theme

great tutorial, thanks

How do you get the layer mask on your workspace?

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