How To Create A Cinemagraph In Photoshop

How To Create A Cinemagraph In Photoshop

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Want to know how to create a cinemagraph? We go over step by step in this tutorial from the initial shoot to post production in Photoshop.

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Galshaer says:

Thanks for the tutorial man, really enjoyed it. Very helpful

So you don't need that Flixl program to make a cinemagraph? That looks like it is only for mac and I have pc…

Lorna Daniel says:

Hey =D

Great tutorial.
Followed everything and all was going fine until the saving part. It really scrambled my image and separated all the colours quite badly. I tried all the different setting and can't seem to find out why it's not coming up normal. Any ideas?

Robert R says:

Do you guys have the files that you can share for this tutorial?

Thank you for sharing this tutorial,and I made it by watch this tutorial many times. The only thing that I feel not comfortable is too many shortcut keys I don't know it, and I think it will help a lot if you put text on the video for people who speak English as a second language. Finally, I learned it. Thanks again.

would these work on instagram + facebook and youtube?

Regan Darcy says:

Hey Aaron. Great video. Really phlearned a lot. Question tho. To create cinemagraphs like this using photoshop & video, which is most important to have on your computer….Ram? Graphics card? Processor(i5 or i7)? Or an SSD? I'm asking because I'm about to purchase an Apple laptop, and I want to know best how to configure it to do this. Thanks!

Great video…thanx a lot for sharing the tutor, its very helpful to me in working on my project

That is sooooo cool!!

I can't get a .MOV file to open in Ps CC.

Erick Arce says:

im trying to make a minute long video in which the picture is frozen until about the last 5 second of the video and then it animates into a cinemgraph, any tips how to create a large one like this?

Corvo says:

I followed every step and everything worked fine until an "unexpected" error popped while trying to save the image. Any ideas about this problem?

robin pammer says:

ive tried to post mine on facebook but only the image gets uploaded.can someone help me pls?

Seriously we did a project like this, but our base is not a video, its a still image then we added some animated car and people. Its way more harder than having base of a video already. Thanks for sharing!

Can You explain how to make this vignette in the end? I think You skipped some info ,when I make a selection and then invert I dont get the same results. Please….:)

Ohyo Favis says:

Great tutorial!

Tom says:

I think I'll just stick to rocket science…

ContemporAd says:

Thanks for sharing always great stuff Aaron!! really cool tutorial and so easy to do it.

pretty dope how he put the video of himself in the navigator area.

Awesomeness!!! Thank you!

what's the button I have to press on window?

Cole Tydings says:

every time I create a stand visible layer it deletes the video layer. what do I do

i love this tutorial

Agate P. says:

Thank you, I just need it!

how to export in MP-4 HD? we could with photoshop??

great tutorial! But i keep getting an unknown error in the exporting process with the same settings used in the video. any ideas? thanks!

mojoxy says:

Small tip to avoid the long loading times when searching the right parameters for saving the gif:
Right before saving, you can narrow down the working space (right word?! It's "Arbeitsbereich" in german) which can be found in the timeline. There is one slider for the beginning and one for the end of it. When you bring it down to, let's say, 2 frames and then save for web, the loading time between the different parameters will be substantially lower. When you've found the perfect parameters, keep them in mind and extend the the working space back to original length, before you save the gif.

This saved me a lot of time.

How do you control the speed of the Cinema Graphic?

Dear PHLEARN! thanks alot for the tutorial. I found a better way to export the Cinemagraph. It's better to export as video, no quality loss.

Shareef Ali says:

You're amazing <3

My cinemagraph won't upload to Face Book as a gif? Any suggestions?

I made a cinemagraph in Photoshop but cannot upload or share? It only plays on my desktop. Any solutions?

Cool! =) Can you please teach how to make animated banners? I've seen your "mini toy robot" frame animation but I would like to see other examples.


anyone can tell me how i can download photoshop ???

ritjat says:

Great video man! but i have a problem here. in the "save for web", i choose original tab (because optimized options made my gif looks pixel-cracked)- selective – diffusion – 100% size – forever. in the window preview on the left it said only 4mb, but when i click save, the result my gif file was became 50mb. Do u hv any idea why it became 50mb? and how to fix that. Thanks man!
Ps CS6 / win10

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