How To Create A Reflection | Photoshop CS6

How To Create A Reflection | Photoshop CS6

Learning how to make a reflection in Photoshop seems simple enough, and for the most part — yes, it is a quite easy thing to accomplish; when the object you are giving a reflection to is flat. Giving objects a reflection in post becomes a bit more of a difficult task when the bottom of the still life (in this case, a Coca-Cola can) is curved.

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It's like watching Rain Man… I mean that in the best way possible.

Thank you so mych!

Abir Hyder says:

you always great


Sampath S. says:

Great tutorial…

Amazing. It helped me a lot! Thank you!

Heh, heh! I did it Phlearn!

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may3s says:

13:2013:26 ….. the bit of the video you want. your welcome

glitch fire says:

My school is making us do this ;-;

It's not every day you find a tutorial video on the exact thing you're trying to do – thanks for taking the time, this was a head-scratcher.

Great way to do this, turned out so well. I'm just sat binge watching your videos, so wasn't really looking for how to do this. I cant really think of any reason you would need to go this unless you were doing your own product shots (besides just for fun) if you are taking the shot yourself, why not just sit the can on a mirror and take a shot of the reflection and of the can alone in the lightbox? Keep the camera on a tripod, and you can get the exact angle, then do some composite work with both images. Doing all that hand painting just seems like something a lot of people would struggle with. X

Equilion says:

Why not just taking a photo of a coke can upside down and combining those? ;)

Jake Kerr says:

Never a lacklustre moment on Phlearn!

Tony Whittle says:

i'm not worthy!

I love your work. Your videos are so explicit and easy-learned. Thanks for making those georgeous videos.

Hi. I´ve got a question. In the minute 3:40, how did you fill the selection up with that color.

ForsythJC says:

My hair is blown back from all the info and the speed at which you did that. You must drink a lot of coffee to have that kind of energy and patience. But what a great tutorial! I recently had to do a reflection of something in this same manner, but luckily, I was able to copy the layer, fill it with black, flip it upside down, and do a fading gradient. And squishing it down via Transform helps a lot too!Justin

Great tutorial on shadow and reflection making, this channel is really so much helpful for all graphic designer, and we are waiting to get more tutorial over reflection

Aizen Z says:

Thank you so much sir. It helps a lot.

Adam Royter says:

Great work mate!!! Love it.

So great!! Thank you! :)))

I would just shoot the can upside down to get the bottom, then paste the rest of the can on it!

Jordi Agelet says:

This is not a good reflection. The process isn't efficient and the results are crap. Both right and left sides of the reflected can appear deformed (curved in the opposite direction). It's pretty obvious looking to the barcode white area and the specs table. Moreover, the reflected bottom side of the can also looks ugly.

Voleak Voeun says:

what material do u for design?


AR BCO says:

I like what you do. What is your field or job title? Graphic Designer? Computer Technology? Tech designer? Let me know!!!

Yeni Elder says:

a lot more work than I expected, but I'll start practicing. Great video!

pleasee go easy on shortcut, i found it very hard with the photoshop because of their damn shortcut

this great but i want like scooter reflction pls help as

Vsk Shop says:

control + J Duplicate that all is u need to make the best reflection!

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