How to edit the Milky Way – Photoshop Tutorial

How to edit the Milky Way – Photoshop Tutorial

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In this video I show how I edit Milky Way Photos in Photoshop. I’ve learned this from various sources and from experimentation over the past year in a half while shooting time-lapse from dark skies.

Shot info:
Camera: Canon T3i (600D)
Exposure: 40s
ISO: 1600
Lens: Tamron 17-50mm 2.8 @ 17mm & F2.8
Shot on a computerized pan/tilt telescope mount tracking the stars.
I use a modified Meade ETX90 telescope mount.

Please let me know what you think. I’m always looking for new techniques.


Here’s my tutorial on how to turn this sequence into a Time-Lapse:




This popup on the video are just BORING. Ppl can't stop advertising. Good video otherwise.

pictmon says:

Great tutorial! Many thanks!

nufto says:

thank you,dark sky chaser.
much appreciated.

djstathis says:

Dude 🙂 Thanks a lot

baba says:

Hey Kenneth which ps version did you use?

You don't need to go to filter blure, just double klick on the mask ;)

Hi thank you for this tutorial really impressive 🙂
How to apply this single photoshop traitement on a serie of a photos " for timelapse" ?

Thanks exactly the kind of tutorial I was looking for !

So many useless steps. PLEASE use shorcuts.

Louis Scorer says:

Is photoshop free

John Glavey says:

As a teacher with 30 years experience may i compliment your style. Well done.

Fabio Luisi says:

Great tutorial! Thank you very much for it!

LT1869 says:

Great video, thanks!

Excellent tutorial. Thank you so much.

great tutorial! so much help a beginner like me to be a master like you :)

Sensei el que mejor explica como procesar las fotos de la via lactea, muchas gracias por compartir, quiero aprender a unirlas en panoramica

Doug Taller says:

Hi Kenneth, Great instructional video! Thanks, You mention what sounds like an "alpha" button at 6 minutes and 17 seconds into the video. Can you elaborate on what you were saying or did I misunderstand? Thanks. Doug

Am I going crazy or are there hidden images in this?

great video easy to build on….thanks

Samrat Sen says:

fantastic tutorial… thanks a ton..

Avishay Gold says:

Great workflow, thank you very much

sky Sunny says:

Hello, teacher Kenneth Brandon. I was through youtube's Automatic subtitles to learn slowly. But, today I find the Automatic subtitles button is suddenly disappeared, and I have not finished learning. So, I I really need your help to solve this problem. What can I do? Thanks, very much.

Hi, I've been trying out star photography lately and got some great photos — which I'm amazed from! However, the quality of the photographs is poor. I'm using a Nikon D80 with 30s shutter speed, F3.8, Lens is 10mm and I've got the photograph on 'large' in the menus with 'RAW' as secondary output format (after jpg). ISO 1600. I use a standard tripod (nothing too flash) and I'm getting a lot of grain and minimal blur on the stars. The photograph does not appear to be HD. I'm editing in photoshop of course. How can I get better quality produce? 🙂 Many thanks, Theo. :)

FSAC says:

this was really helpfull – just a little thing: you may forgott to bring a unsharp mask to foreground – of course maybe you don't wanted to but its just the thing that you need a very little unsharp mask (like 25 / 2.5) to any raw – because its raw. just what i learned from some engeniers – maybe you have another answer ..

Yuyang says:

8:00 that's useful ! thank u very much ! nice video

could you update this vid with photoshop cs5? thanks. ;-)

ReubenMRU says:

Thank you! I'm going to try that! Gotta find that software first, just tried on CS2 and the noise correction is quite lame… or may be I'm not doing it correctly…

sky Sunny says:

excellent. Thanks very much!

Kap il says:

Great tutorial

Joe Davies says:

Very, very helpful. Many thanks for sharing your hard earned techniques and secrets.

GroovyVideo2 says:

Great instructions -Thanks

johnnyfoto says:

very generous of you to put this up for all of us…
its just perfect!!!

metals says:

when I attempt that final stage of sharpening where you use the duplicate background layer. I keep end sharpening the foreground and not the milky way, can' seem to find the step I have missed. Any help?

Michael Hill says:

your photo is out of focus tho….

Matt Bothell says:

This is THE BEST editing tutorial I have seen so far. This video really helped me learn how to process my images of stars really effectively. I haven't found anything even close to as good as this video anywhere else.

Joan Escala says:

Brilliant !!!! Thanks a million !

wb5rue says:

Very nice tutorial!

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