How to Instantly Become a Better Photographer // Living Deliciously

How to Instantly Become a Better Photographer // Living Deliciously

Today, my dear friend and incredible Director of Photography (he shoots all of the Kitchy Kitchen videos!) is here to talk shop and share his tips to instantly become a better photographer. With just a few simple tweaks, you can give your photos a huge wow-factor!

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Nicole Marie says:

These are some amazing tips

Great tips for iphonegraphy! Just thought I would mention that VSCO does have a desktop version! They make presets for lightroom that are meant for RAW files. The app is based on those presets. They're always my go-to presets!!! 💗

thatmarsgirl says:

This was such an interesting video with so many good tips. Thanks a lot you guys 🙂 Now, I'm off to check out Yayo's website and instagram account 🙂

ps. Your puppy making a cameo in this video made me so happy ❤️

Great video. How about a critique where you discuss photo examples and what works, what is less successful, etc?

Cristina P says:

I'm so IN LOVE with this video. It helped me a lot. I want to be a photographer when I grow up. (: More videos like this!

Regalita says:

Thanks for sharing all that information!

ockham says:

About vsco cam, you can download and use their filters on Adobe Lightroom, the other tools for fine-tuning are still easily achievable in Photoshop.

hargurl says:

Thanks for sharing all these tips and tricks~ (:

This was so so helpful! I always love how thoughtful and informative your videos are!

Lauren Myers says:

Love the colorstory app! It's a must

loved this video…great tips! :)

When I get ready for going out at nigt or to a coffee after the sunset, I don't know how to cheat and have that light similar to daylight… My lamp in the bedroom and the living room is too yellow. Any suggestions?

Thank you for this video! I love photography so this was very helpful.

Yayo is officially my new favorite guest star. Loved this one!

Great video, guys! Thanks for the tips.

This video was great! Thanks for all the great info! I would love to see a behind the scenes food photo shoot

This was really fascinating! I'd love to hear any tips you folks have on getting better at using the manual mode on DSLRs.

Sarah Ford says:

Buster is so cuddly! Too cute :D

I like Yayo's name. I have admired his photography and lighting in your videos. Great tips! I have wondered if you ever need to clean the lens on a iPhone. If so, how and how often.

Wonderful video! As a photographer, I totally get & agree with everything you say! I just wanted to add that VSCO does have editing presets for Photoshop/Adobe Bridge & Lightroom, so it's not exactly an "app" for your computer, but it does allow you to use their presets on the photos that you might edit on your laptop, etc. 🙂 here's the link:


Hello Claire!

I was wondering where you can find the third app that you talked about in this video (Looksy)? I looked for it everywhere but I can't find the right app (I found something but I'm not sure it's the right thing since I can't find a way to put my pictures in the app to add filters on them).

Thanks! xxxx

leizaify says:

you should sell a workshop about photography!!

Love this! Can you do a beginner and advanced sort of hands on video? One that shows you doing the techniques? Please :)


Yayo is the best. "Hold on deer"

So basically sun is my friend. It gives me pure white light

This was such a great video! I'd love to hear about flat laying and food styling! I love all your instagram photos! XOXOXO

im a photographer and i approve this message! and ill just add that although this video speaks more to phone photography, if you want to shoot in more difficult conditions like low light, well… you need a good camera, and more importantly, a tripod!!!! and finally, sometimes those unwanted effects… you actually want them! sometimes they say something different and new about a subject!!!

oh and did you guys know theres an app that converts your iphone photos into tiffs? so you can take them through photoshop and blow them up to print them huge if ever you wanted to do that!

Sherry Lu says:

VSCO makes Lightroom presets for computers! I love them a lot :)

Beerchasers says:

I was at a wedding mendhi (my kid's) and attempted to shoot my niece and her boyfriend sitting at the table. I could not get them in to focus regardless where I pointed. My niece moved the vase containing a rose which was directly in front of them. Suddenly everything came in to focus…, really!

Gabolikes says:

Claire! VSCO does have something for Adobe LightRoom! They have a package that has corresponding keyboard shortcuts to create the same filters on your computer

Ack! I LOVE this!! I'm also a self-taught photographer 🙂
I'm not sure if you're still reading comments on here, but I would love to know more about the Commercial Photo biz… how do you price your commercial photography, and do you ever give up rights? In a world where so many small businesses need great photos I feel like I'm constantly up against the battle of "giving up all copyrights" for cheap, or charging more than the small businesses can afford fairly…. with Instagram being so popular and everyone needing good quality content all of the time – how do you fairly market your skills into a business?
I don't want to give up all rights, but I also want to be working

LOL The MySpace reference ;D #throwback?

This was incredible, some great tips I have never heard of before! Many thanks to both you and Yayo (love that name)!

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