How to make circle photographs – tiny planet

How to make circle photographs – tiny planet

Step by step tutorial on how to take the shots and edit in photoshop to make circle photographs. 360 Pano!

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Cat Isme says:

I cant seem to figure out how people make the tiny planets with themselves in the photo?  How do they do that?  The only way I have done it is with a 360 lomography spinner camera, but there must be another way to get yourself in it..any suggestions?

Very cool! Thanks!

Garose Teps says:

I want a panorama of your forehead :3

Hm. I thought you would need a 360° panorama.
You may have less trouble with the overlap =) 

Dangas Photo says:

hmm very is the end

fantastic learn a alot, thank u 

Mark Rose says:

oh man I wish u were my teacher. I love your humour.
I found out what I needed to know. Cheers mate

U r my idol
Thanks for all help
I want u

Raian says:

thank you very much, nice video :)

thank you very much Friend

Mike Scotto says:

is this possible in Lightroom? I dont think it is?

Jatin Gupta says:

Matt Granger, great video

Can you post video How to shoot photography for 360 degree pano, confusion about how to shoot sky,bottom base…

Thanks!! This is very, VERY useful!!

NullsysGames says:

"Let me show you how it's poorly done"…."and here's one I made earlier".
Wow, much effort.

Jasper Blind says:

actually its called tiny planet

good one!
Thanks lot…

BassetGuru says:

Great tutorial – THANKS :D

The BD NIGGA says:

after inverse how can i delete that ??? 7 : 06 minutes HELP PLEASE :')

Melanie Lou says:

thank you very much 🙂 learned alot in 5 mins!

really helpful :)

do it with Google Camera app in 5 minute . all ready with cellphone // look at my photo

Andrew Pugni says:

should I take like 5 pictures all about halfway distance a part with my GoPro ?

The video itself is ok but why did you cancel the footpath? and then you should take a 360°x180° panorama including everything around you, your panorama is 180° but it is ok…I did a little pano a couple of months ago and it took me probably 30hr of work on it to be ready.

Phong Hai says:

awesome. thanks for your guiding

anto kentut says:

realy realy cool
thanks to share it

looks like comedy central lol

This is an older video. He would probably select the blank area of sky or the walk on the right and use Content Aware Fill instead of cloning to fill them in. I haven't done one of the circular ones before but I would try doing the fill after making the circle. I suspect it would help with the seam between ends of the image.

Zabir Ahmed says:

After watching this, i have forgotten photoshop :(

YDProduction says:

Simple and to the point….

thx, helpful tutorial :)

Ben says:

If I'm not mistaken, you can shoot pictures like this in-camera with the extremely rare Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 fisheye. That is, if you have $150,000 lying around.

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