How To Make Fake Blood In Photoshop – A Phlearn Video Tutorial

How To Make Fake Blood In Photoshop – A Phlearn Video Tutorial

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In this tutorial, Aaron Nace covers how to create blood from scratch using Photoshop. This is a special episode for Halloween week.

We decided to make a place for the blood to come out of the model, so some bite holes seemed appropriate. To make the holes in her neck we need to use some custom brush settings and layer FX. This helps give the holes a bit of depth and texture.

When it comes to the blood, using a reference image, we make a shape using the lasso tool, and then refine the edge to make it a bit more smooth. Then we paint in the selection to make the blood look layered.

To make the effects match the resolution and focus of the final image, we need to give it a bit of blur. From here you are free to move your effect around the image, and choose a place that will best suit the effect. To make the blood look as though it is flowing on the neck of the subject, we use the smudge tool. .


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Great tut, thanks! One question though: I wanted to make the holes and followed your steps to the letter several times but never could get the same results, especially the embossing part (it didn't do much at all). I tried 72dpi and 300dpi images with no change in the results. What am I doing wrong? Also, are you going to publish a tutorial on how you put the woman's face on the spider? Thanks again!

I have photoshop Cs6 lol

Ridwan Azeez says:

Am I the only one who thinks he's kinda like SSundee?
They do resemble

XerxiesLv426 says:

One question. What size is that image?

What I'm making for Halloween? I'm making real blood spill from people… It's much easier. Muhahaha! :)

this was the most boring Tutorial ever,
but thanks for videos. and it helped
but still kinda wish that u don't babble much.. abt non of the bussiness

Please do an episode on removing background from a blur picture where lines are not clear
thank you

Liz Raulfs says:

love this one its my fav thanks for doing it.

VTViEt says:

8:24 "To get the hole you always wanted" hahahahahaha

the bevel and emboss and the other blending effects won't appear on my photo. what did i do wrong?

MrJustin2105 says:

Can I see that photoshoot you were talking about? Sounds cool ;)

Seng Heng says:

Boring with your talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cody Hill says:

hahahaaah your voice saunds sooooo creepyyy hahahahah :D

PHLEARN can you and your crew make a tutorial on how to sew lips using photoshop

for a school project i will be mixing this and the ''black eyes'' video. fucking creepy incoming!

John Pelle says:

2:22 when video starts.

I love how positive you are !!!

Hjk Hjk says:

اخ يا عيني

I changed my brush to every thing you have in your settings and even changed the brush mode to multiply all to no avail… When I paint the flow gets heavier but the paint DOESN'T MULTIPLY… really need to make this work…

Emay Ayche says:

I am so comfortable learning from you. Your teaching style fits my learning style LOL. Thanks for everything! :-)

<3 u are da best _

Rajan Singh says:

hlo bro what type photoshop u are use please send me a link

Dj Smith says:

I have photo I took I want to add a water effect to make the subject look like they just got out of a shower

traumaj says:

Skip to 2.20 to start the tutorial! lol Great stuff though thanks! 🙂 Thumbs up

unityelt says:

Oh wow, I've been subscribed for a while , but I ended up here because a search and I was like, this guy looks like Aaron haha, well it is you.

you are a genius every thing i want i find it here

Dudu Cohen says:

Great tutorial. Thanks.
One question: how did you do that the brush is showing big circle, but drawing small (see at time 4:25)?

Does he talk too much or do I listen too much?

DeathSwagga says:

Clickbait! That thumbnail is obviously photoshopped!

feb, 25 isnt halloween..

Chilled keys says:

Trypohpobia triggered

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