How to Photograph Fire

How to Photograph Fire

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tnx ur an artistic man

abu abdullah says:

hello can I use this in Sony next-5nk with lens 18.55 plies can learn me haw to do the, it think u

Chris Oliver says:

The photos turned out great, but I forgot to put out the fire. My house burned to the ground, all my possession are gone. But I got nice shots. Where's my camera?

Bodooke77 says:

On the town square where I live has a cauldron. Once, on a nightly event, lit the Olympic cauldron. I was there with the camera and I remembered seeing this video you made ​​teaching shooting fire. I turned on the camera, pointed at the fire in the cauldron and the camera in photo mode continuous shooting started. I took several photos of the fire, but one in particular caught my attention: In the midst of the fire appears clearly a human eye. See photo on my flickr:

I'm amazed today to see this photo.

thanks for sharing so nicely!!!!! 😀 awsome job!!
I also would like to learn how to shoot water in motion without using the guide mode of the camera….have a wonderful day!!

Lekha Sri says:

This is freakin' awesome. Thanks for sharing the tip. Will try this today!

That was great. Hope that heat from the fire won't harm my camera.

thank you for your sharing, it's really helpful especially for me :)

Thanks for sharing Rob. Love your work!

Thank you for your help!

Very Creative. 

Wichien Tep says:

Thank you brother! Really love it.

Seanny D says:

Simple, yet creative. Awesome video!

Jay Scampton says:

Never add fuel to burning fire, it's DANGEROUS!

hello im looking of getting into photography . and i have 500 dollars to start with and i was hoping u could show me a good camera to start with 

Another tip would be to use a remote trigger to avoid camera shake

fire extinguisher? dont add to existing fire? Come on man, we respect your safety advice, but also we live in the real world also. Concentrate on the photography, not the safety rules you feel you have to give because of the current culture towards it.

Doc Doxpix says:

Nice info, however, you obviously have not seen anyone burn to death playing with flammable liquid.
Would suggest you re-edit and not show that. Remember the saying "monkey see, monkey do".

How about big fires in the middle of the night

Captain Euro says:

Don't pour flamable liquids on fires. It can cause an accident.

Yute Hube says:

Fire has a shadow, just kidding.

Lee Watson says:

video is out of focus pal

pls stop using this awful bluescrean

Aditya Mahat says:

What happened to the focus??? The flames i was talking about.

When the screen flashed it said Unrendered

xxwrd says:

Robert I have been trying to photograh a teazle that is on fire but it always looks incredibly burn out despite fast and faster speed
Is there a simpler way

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