How to photograph fireworks – Advanced Night Photography

How to photograph fireworks – Advanced Night Photography

Learn how to photograph fireworks with Neil Creek. Part of the Night Photography Unlocked course at Udemy:




The Emo Emu says:

Those focal lengths are on a crop sensor camera though right?
The 135 seems extremely tele.

Allissa Zhao says:

How did you lock auto focus and went back to Manual w/o changing it position ? Thanks!

Thanks thanks thanks. it was just I was looking for!. Thanks!

Damien Lee says:

This is good ..I love it …it make me feel like in real time that I am there doing the photographing …time he miss it I feel it also ..hope know what I mean ..thank you so much for this video

Thank you for sharing. You gave justification for each of your initial decisions, but left room for explained adjustments. The best part is that you made plenty of 'mistakes' to show how to adjust while taking pictures in the field. Great tutorial.

spent more time changing settings then shooting the fireworks….missed 90% of the show.

The firework in 10:51 and 12:42 were amazing :)

Stuartyh7 says:

That's the best fireworks display I have ever seen! Loved the purple ones that after they exploded, decided to go their own way. How does that even work!? lol

Awesome, tutorial!! Amazing display. Thank you so much 😀

Jarod Sather says:

Thanks so much for putting this up. Helps a lot. Many of the other posts on the topic ignore the importance of position and planning. keep it up!

canon moon says:

thank you so much. .could you pls advise for me the best setting for canon D450 with sigma lens18 250

Was a cool video, but why so much blured background at the beginning? It really hurts the eye. I like blurred background in an image, but in a video it is really distracting. Btw why didn't you shoot in Auto WB and after that change it to the pic to see which comes out best ?

Trieu Hugo says:

This is so amazing. I've learned many new things from you. Thank you so much.

GoatMannn says:

l have nikon d3300 , l will try your setting iso 100 f22 10 seconds but where will l find daylight wb in the setting ?

Mat Vicens says:

this guy.. oh man. I've never seen someone make composition look so difficult. smh. the information in the video is accurate, yes. WB is irrelevant in RAW, Would have really liked for you to have vary exposure lengths. 10sec. 10sec. 10sec. why not open her up a little bit more and shot 5-10 sec for different feels/effects. a really long video for such repetitive results of which aren't all that impressive.

Matt Schulze says:

Cable release not plugged in properly, not watching the tally light, I''m so glad I'm not the only one that that happens to. Great video, thank you.

Hen John says:

What tripod are you using here Neil?

I appreciate anyone who takes the time and effort to share their knowledge. What stood out on your video from most is that you also share your camera settings and lens size…thank you so much

I've only taken a beginner's course for photography, but this, my friend, is truly amazing! I've learned something new here that's for sure!!! Simply amazing!

The biggest mistake I think is the way these fireworks shows or whatever it is are organised. They should not just fire up 5 fireworks at a time, it looks like a mess and we can't really focus on a single firework. Maybe let the previous one finish and then immediately fire up another one. Great for viewing, great for capturing. Amazing video, tho :)

Xuan Do says:

can you please tell me the location where you are at taking that photo I would like to visit there someday

Terumo says:

I tried the bulb mode with the nikon remote control it works fine. press to start press again to end no need to hold or lock. :)

Oly Rojas says:

Great Video! Thanks!

Kelvin WONG says:

Your methodology of fireworks photography is excellent. I follow your technique and the result is perfect. Thank you and appreciate for your tuitorial video. 15-9-2016 in Macao fireworks from Japan and Korean

Nox665 says:

A 10 sec exposure too much most of the times.
Also anything above F10 is also too much, the ideal aperture for fireworks is around F8, at which they will look sharp but not too thin.
If the scene is too bright, drop the ISO instead of lowering the aperture!

Amazing can´t wait to new years ewe

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