How to Take Better Photos: Tips by Marc Silber

How to Take Better Photos: Tips by Marc Silber

Go to http://SilberStudios.Tv for more info. Top photography techniques from Marc Silber in this photo lesson. Learn how to use your camera and frame your shots to take better photos! These photography tips will help make your pictures truly memorable.

0:00 – Introduction
0:22 – Make Friends with Your Camera
0:58 – Know Your Equipment
1:33 – Frame Your Shots
2:39 – What is a Good Photographer?
2:59 – Ability to Quickly Frame





SqueeG19 says:

all right! these are the types of videos I've been searching for. everything else is all about equipment. i subbed

Xeo989 says:

Xclent!!!! Love it

kirk garvey says:

my name is kirk garvey and im a upcoming photographer and i would like to advance my picture taking skills. how do i improve ??

Kirk, I hoe my videos help, that's why I made them, but remember to get out and shoot, shoot, that's the real "secret"


I am looking to purchase a camera and camcorder for my website. I need High Quality, High Definition images for the website and when I need to record videos I would like for it to do the same. Can you recommend a camera and camcorder that can take stock photos for a website and come out great?

Check out our video on how to take better photos.

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