How to Take Better Pictures with Your iPhone | Photography Tips

How to Take Better Pictures with Your iPhone | Photography Tips

3 tips on how to take better photos for Instagram! I consider taking pictures with your iPhone an art 🙂
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Also in the next video I give tips for editing with VSCO cam!

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최동해 says:

You're so adorable 👑

Ra ob says:

The most useful photography video i've seen so far😂❤️👍🏻

I love this video! Thanks for the tips. Very inspiring 😃

littlemonkey says:

This is helping me a lot with my instageam

I will find you. And I will marry you

Amal sbihi says:

So nice <3

Helena Tran says:

I don't want to be rude but why is her arms veiny ? xx

ZonicTV says:

What's the song in the beginning? That like guitar right after your intro

you're pretty and it's ok. My husband thinks I'm nuts lol.

Ellie Boss says:

To make your photos brighter or darker you slide up and down the sun (the sun shows up when you focus on the thing you're taking a picture of)

her arms though. so veiny.

Batman says:

Anyone else bothered with those enormous nerves on her arms?

Tash Loves says:

Amazing video, Just wondering where you got the gold tray from ?

am I the only one that doesn't like formatting my pictures like this?

MuffinTin36 says:

This was so helpful! I'm going to Home Depot to get the marble!

NAAMAT tube says:

JANA !! first of all i love you so much and i have a request .. the LIGHTINING!! i put everything well and in a beautiful way and when i come to take the photo my arms shadow is …. killing me . So, please make a video about this problem and thank you so much

kotsh sos says:


You look super fit

gracieafur 1 says:

Lighting? There aren't shadows of your hands or arms

EchoVids2u says:

I bet the majority of people who watched this video were women.

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