How to Use a 10 Stop Neutral Density Filter for Long Exposure Photography

How to Use a 10 Stop Neutral Density Filter for Long Exposure Photography

Learn to use a 10 stop ND filter for creative long exposure photography. Best practices, correcting color, getting the right exposure, and other tips.

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Joshua Cripps is a full-time landscape photographer living near Yosemite National Park in California. His recent work includes the worldwide marketing campaign for the Nikon D750 camera.

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Informative video. The Bruce Lee audio and fake bird sounds were super distracting and kept getting in the way of the content.

I loved this video!!!

Great video. Thanks. Can I ask you.. When you are doing your composition before pudding the big stopper, On which mode are you in the camera?

Hi. Your video is very nice and informative. Just wondering how could it became possible that after using the 10 stop ND filter, only clouds seemed to have motion (which is dramatic by the way) but the grasses and other supposed movable objects did not? Thanks.

Can anyone see the UFO at 1:50?!  un the upper left block.

Jac D. says:

How do you prevent noise from creeping in on these long exposures?

Hi, If I have 2 piece of ND16/4-stop togather, would that make it ND32/5-stop or ND256/8-stop? Thank You

Alit Putra says:

So is it normal big stopper ND filters will produce slight or heavy color cast right ?

Mukhtar Agha says:

Hello Joshua ,

is the ultra wide angle lens like tamron 15-30 can use with it a ND filter or its impossible because of the Hood ?

nice video; instructive, funny :)

Nolie023 says:

thanks bro … you help me capture in way I never thought possible with my 135mm prime at F 2.8 ISO 100

jack britt says:

Fantastic video! I love your channel! Do you recommend this app? Just wondering because it costs $10.

will any lens work for this type of shot?

Tanja K says:

cool thanks!

Alden Boon says:

THANK YOU. I've been reading up on all these terms and no one explains it as clearly as you do.

ben lewis says:

What's the App called can you get it in Great Britain on the App Store

bosshoss14 says:

i assume that a long exposure like these would't work in windy or breezy days since the flowers and grass would cause motion blur. right?

Hales W says:

What is the 1/100 sec you're talking about? Is that just a second way of saying you set the cam shutter to 10 seconds?? (Sorry, complete camera newbie)

Ankit Patel says:

You're awesome and funny. I enjoy learning from you. Already hit the subscribe button. Thank you.

What is baseline exposure?

what camera does he have?

Can you do long exposure with nd8?

Jawad Saleem says:

Hi Joshua. Thanks for this great video. One question. The phot you took in NewZeland, how did you get the tree and leaves that still on a long shutter? Was that done in Photoshop?

Is this dubbed? Something sounds off

great Video i had so long e Problem with my nd filter.
And now I know that is because of the white balance.
thank you so much:)

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