How to use KELVIN White Balance in your DSLR

How to use KELVIN White Balance in your DSLR

Learn from our academy’s trainer, Andrew Boey on how to effectively use Kelvin White Balance, the most powerful white balance mode you can find in your DSLR.




This doesn't work for every model

Lee Hession says:

Fantastic, easy tutorial, thank-you.

Thank you i just bought me this camera as im a beginner thank you

Profe LocO says:

Would you recommend Kelvin over custom white balance? Sometimes I struggle with custom white balance, using a grey scale card, for some reason it takes various tries.

i always shoot raw, can i always just keep it at 5000, and then maybe tweak it just a little in post?

L Franklin says:

That is the best and easiest explanation I have heard. I just go m Nikon two months ago and I knew the colors were off. I do not own light room and/or photo shop so playing with RAW in a basic editor is not fun to say the least 😉 I cant wait to get out and try these settings! Thank you so much.

Ron Larsen says:

Does white balance setting matter when you shoot in raw?

Or you could just use a 18% grey card.

Khan Sahab says:

do 600d have Kelvin Mood ?

You have good commenters, my camera doesn't have this feature and within a few comments I learned I could use a grey card or shoot in RAW to solve the problem. Thank you.

Emad S says:

Thanks very informative

Question, How did you show your menu on the display? I have tried on Nikon

cnrmoose says:

Thank you, very simple to understand. I have struggled with doing evening football games that start out in mountain shade, then move to rather poor stadium lighting. They start out good, but get yellower as the night goes on. I can't figure out when to adjust the setting.

That controls the temperature, but I have a problem with the tint. My photos often have a green tint on them that I just hate, doesn't matter what WB setting I use. I would like to have a scale to control the tint too.

Rob Mackaay says:

lower kelvin numbers would normally mean yellower/warmer colors while higher values would mean cooler more bleue colors, it seems that in this video it is explained the other way round where lower kelvin numbers would mean more bleue?

ade doyin says:

what about if you're indoor shooting using kevin what should i set it at if i'm using tungsten

You are such a good Photography teacher, and you make learning pleasant, Wishing you the best. Please I've a question: Can I apply this technics in RAW shooting, thanks in advance for your answer.

That really helps. Thanks for providing the simple tutorial.

Mr. Chow, in cloudy day. what kelvin number is that?

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