Improve composition and take great photographs!

Improve composition and take great photographs!

Great tips on composition and how to take better photographs.




spankbutt123 says:

Thanks a lot m8! Very good tips.

Great tutorial and very informative. I watched all your videos and I will subscribe and look at your website. However, I have one criticism. When you produce a video and your talking to a viewing audience please look directly into the camera. If your reading a cue, place it above the camera, as I found it very off-putting when you were focused on someone/something towards the other corner of the room.

Jeffrey Chiu says:

the framing tip is new to me, awesome!

Very good presentation, thanks. 

Tartan Vaper says:

Great vid, helped me a lot, thanks!

I came across a book on photography recently just to get a general refresh, and you basically covered almost all of the same aspects in 16 minutes. Great job!

rmcdaniel423 says:

He concedes that the sea lion picture breaks the "rule of 3rds" by placing the head in the center.  True . . . sort of.  But on closer examination we see that the TRUE focus of the image (the eyes, nose, and white whiskered muzzle) are actually in the bottom 3rd of the frame.  I believe it still follows the rule.

abelsincain says:

Great tutorial, Thank you.

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