Jewelry Photography Tutorial: Focus Stacking and Bracketing

Jewelry Photography Tutorial: Focus Stacking and Bracketing

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Отлично! очень профи!!! ))) приятно, что лучшие фотограферы столь мульти-ленгвистичны!)))))

bainyshmall says:

when lens focus gets adjusted, some of the internal elements of the lens being moved relatively to each other and aperture blades, change bokeh and perspective. It still works but sometimes the stacking software doesn't handle it as well.

I feel that my question is stupid, but why you can't shoot in in one shot but very closed aperture (f18-f22)?

What a wonderful art photography is! The digital age has embraced photography in a way that we just could not have even imagined just a few short years ago. This is an amazing tip for all photographers – this has been an issue for many years and this resolves that problem in a way that I can't wait to try. Thank you for sharing this with the rest of the world.

How can I put my picture up on eBay? it takes a while to load as a .tif file..
I want to convert it to regular picture.

maybe you need to fix some stuff on your videos,but that was a great tutorial!!!

Я прошу, не надо говорить неправду, Другом себя называть не спеши… :)

DimonHell says:

Неплохой туториал, но с произношением нужно работать.

Hassan Musa says:

you are great!! 

Spasibo.Ochen pomogli ideeii.Uspehov.Ku.A

Forgive my ignorance. Why can't we just shoot with large depth of field?

wow now I realized that I have no clue how to make good pictures of a jewelry…dang

opujhum says:

Because he's shooting in macro. Macro has a small DoF.

he's shooting in macro to get more details.

brecklundin says:

@snowrainsnowrain…as someone who shoots a lot of jewelry I can help. A large aperture might sometimes get the job done but in this case he wanted max detail and IQ. Lenses will typically soften beyond a certain aperture, ~f11, so you might gain some DOF yet lose the detail you need. Focus stacking is the answer or a MF or large format camera even then stacking is the best way to go. There are freeware stacking programs out there that are not just for macros so PS is not a must but does great.

А что за объектив Вы используете при съемке?

usmalibu says:

There are many ways to photograph jewelry, depends on lens, camera, light etc, this way is bit longer but far more pro. Take longer time but result is amazing! Awesome job!

usmalibu says:

Good job Alex! As usual! 

Great, thanks! :)

Sheetal R says:

Great! This is just the technique i was looking for my jewelry photography and editing. Thanks a lot for sharing!

Pixel One says:

sorry i think people have already asked this .. but i don't get it why don't you adjust the focus from the camera lens ? 

You should drink a cup of coffee before tutorial so that you stay focused and active.

omg… this is sooo cool… Im going to go do it right now!

mymsor says:

Can you explain how you obtained the total White background, please?

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Zara Moore says:

I love this shot. Thanks for sharing the technique!

great information but to painful to watch because slow explanation…

Zampan0 says:

Vielen Dank.  I'm finding that taking top quality photos of jewelry is almost as hard as making the jewelry, but it's well worth the effort.  You have helped greatly.

Thank you for another great video! It has helped me tremendously.

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