Journey Wild Arctic Svalbard

Journey Wild Arctic Svalbard
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Journey to Svalbard, to the far north of Europe, above the arctic circle to encounter the northern Wildlife in their natural environment.

Wild Arctic in Svalbard also called Spitsbergen. It is an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. Most people I know asked me where on earth is this? Far north, nearly in the middle between Norway and North Pole, north the Arctic circle, around 74 – 81 degrees longitude. Wow, never been so far north and we went much further to the north with the boat!

Above a Polar Bear in Svalbard eating sea weed. Have learned that the Polar bears eat nearly everything when hungry. So better do not meet one on foot, you might get eaten! Usually the Polar Bears follow their “living food” with the pack ice. Some just miss the train and get stuck on Svalbard's islands. Some others try to swim to the pack ice. Not all reach it and drown on their way, sadly. Since the pack ice melts more and more every year, means the longer the way it is to swim for the Polar Bears to reach “food”

How far can a Polar Bear swim to reach it's normal food source, the seals, the pack ice …etc.?



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