Landscape Photography Using the Humble 50mm Lens (by Karl Taylor).

Landscape Photography Using the Humble 50mm Lens (by Karl Taylor).

Most of us know that the wide angle and super wide angle lens are the most commonly used for landscape photography but don’t neglect the humble standard 50mm lens.

Using this lens can often reveal new compositions and force you to think more about your images and composition!

Let’s see what I come up with when I forget to bring the lens I wanted to use and revert to using the standard lens on another camera!

All the best,

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Karl Taylor. The only guy who ever went "Right, [I'll] just get rid of this Hasselblad". :slowly clapping;

Hi Karl 😀 You should take with you your rubber boots 😀
It's essential when you are going to do some seascapes on the beach 🙂
Anyway, I love your work 🙂 Kind regards 🙂 Grace

great tips, thanks very much. I personally prefer to use the smaller lens because I like to use the elements to crop my images without giving them that vast landscape feel.

you don't need a remote shutter if you use the 2 sec timer on Canons

Hi Karl, can you please tell me what sort of footwear you would recommend for shoots like these where you're likely to be in water? I am sure you mentioned it in one of your videos buy I cant remember which one. Thanks in advance.

petermoel2 says:

Very good video! Forgetting a lens is "just life".

What kind of editing is done on the images shown in the video?

raven archer says:

i got a good tip for tripods when shooting on the beach. them plastic covers you get at the car wash to protect your rear wipers also do a great job in protecting your tripod legs. also saves you alot of work getting rid of all that sand from the joints

Danijel L says:

Nice shot, although it would be better if you combined another shot with that rock in foreground also in focus, just my thought…

The Imageer says:

superb videos, very clear, 

dakwa1 says:

It is not out of context for me to shoot with my 50mm prime, it does give a good view. I love it.

Quaaartz says:

good i have no problem with this cause i only got 1 lens :(

EndoRyu says:

I once brought all my gear, except the batteries for my camera! 

thanks for the video – I'm picking up a D610 tomorrow, and will be adding a 50mm very shortly.

Karl can you suggest a lens that can be a landscape lens same time lens to record movie like lens

Josh Marquez says:

Which 50mm did you use here for this shoot?

Xizir Aliyev says:

Thank you!  Mr Karl Taylor.

dan octa says:

something wrong with the audio?

Ben Pottier says:

Hi Karl do you have your camera set on self timer

natserog says:

I have 14mm Canon F1.4 L lens, Canon 50mm 2.8 L lens and Canon 70-200 L 2.8 L lens. Just bought the 14mm lens… it!!   will try the 50mm for landscape also now.    thanks!!

Landscapes says:

helpful things.

good interesting tips, thanks!

Did you use a full frame camera; filters; polarizers; and image enhancing post-shoot software? I haven't got access to any of these, sadly. Could I still get the same results with my Nikon D90 with a 35mm prime lens???

SquashMob says:

Great tip! What was the aperture on the final photo? 

myHuge249 says:

I know wide angle lenses are recommended for landscape but unfortunately i don't exactly have money be splashing about to have the perfect gear for everything. The kit I'm looking at (still saving up for first dslr) comes with the camera, standard 50 and a telephoto and I should be able to buy 1 more lens. The main types of photography I plan to be doing is wildlife, landscape and macro (flowers etc). Is it more important to have a wide angle lens for landscape or is it more important to invest in a proper macro lens of macrophotography , since I plan to be doing both but can't afford both lenses 

Josh Nevard says:

Great pic, what where your exposure settings? 

Ric Aldrich says:

Great video!! Huge intro violation

Clive Ellis says:

He needs a 90 degree viewfinder

Clive Ellis says:

Most peole would go for a quality zoom, even if it is a bit slow you can go high iso these days with modern kit.


Nothing humble about the 50mm. Smart people know it is anything but.

Michael Chan says:

Great video. It proves once again it's not the camera but the eyes and mind behind it to make a good photograph!

TonyBmore says:

Which brand of 50mm lens used, f1.2, nifty fifty f1.8, …? what are the details,camera setti kHz þ

Which filter set was used here? thank you for the efforts…

ManyDoors777 says:

You can work a lot of magic with the 50mm….

Michael Pan says:

what's a nd filter?

puneet kumar says:

please suggest best lense for candid photography

Ark says:

Check your gear, pff a problem I wish I had, I don't have enough gear worth being checked.

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