Learn Lightroom 5 – Part 31: Process a Night Image

Learn Lightroom 5 – Part 31: Process a Night Image

In this, Episode 31 of Learn Lightroom 5, I process a night image. I process a night image slightly different than I do a daytime image. This specific image was underexposed. I did that on purpose because most often, our night shots are unexposed.

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Kevin Hayes says:

Very informative. I have a Fijifilm 24x camera and for some reason it seems to be blurry with the shots. Im not using a tripod so that may be the case but I am not insinuating that my hands are steady. But thanks for the video. I subscribed and looking forward to learning from your series.

Winj Capo says:

wtf happened between 7:227:25 lmao

Man, i learn so much from you!
Keep same way , and if you sometimes visit Bulgaria, call me to buy you a drink!!! lol

Leo Loyola says:

when some parts of the pictures are too dark , I see them in blue color on lightroom,,,,do yo know how can I fix that ?

This looks suspiciously like downtown Buffalo, NY. I grew up seeing those twin Statues of Liberty on top of what was then called the Liberty Bank building.

Hungry Jewlz says:

what a great video! thank you so much!

Michael Zent says:

I was just watching this and started to think that it looked like Buffalo. Then I looked closer and sure enough it is!!!

How do you do those flares with the lighting?

All of your videos have helped me so far. Thankyou for the effort that you put in to each and every video. Very informative

Hi Antony, I just wanted to tell you that I keep watching your youtube video non stop! I do like them! I really do…thank you very muchYefim Gluzman

Thanks for sharing. You have a nice way of presenting your material and it always educational.

Gordon Zhao says:

very nice video for a beginner like me. thanks

Anthony – love all your videos – have helped me massively……………….Alan from N.Ireland

ernie taylor says:

Do you have tips on astro photography shots please

Very nice tutorials! Subscribed!

MrChanw 11 says:


Walton Lee says:

Thank you. Much appreciated!

Hi Anthony, i was wondering if you have video on editing in door photos, I cant seem to find it Cheers Annette

hello l love it the way you teache did you have DVD lesson ?

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