Learn Mobile Photography: Lighting & Editing

Learn Mobile Photography: Lighting & Editing

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What is the first app you use?

Dr. Walls says:

Awesome video. Sir. 👍

Yani Mixtec says:

Will the phone case be an obstacle to lighting? Do you use a phone case?

And the name of the others apps?

Hey Cory there's two filter storm which one should I get the 3.99 or the free one??? 

Is there any app for android that is similar to filterstorm? If yes please let me know thank you !

Pdibs10000 says:

sharpness and HDR are two different things

Snapseed is a must!

whats your instagram ?

CaptainAshra says:

Crazy how far phone editing had come. I'm editing raw photos on my V10 in Lightroom now.

Jamie Jordan says:

what r the five apps?

Tana Lee says:

Helpful. Now how to handle audio when recording video tutorials. : )

How's called the 3 app?

Fresch H says:

i'm more interested in being able to blow up my mobile photos to fit a gallery canvas view. Have you ever blown up any of yours? if so, can i see?

庄逸 says:

could u please tell me what is the last app? THX

Hello! Can I ask? How do you buy presets in vsco? Thank you :D

Super helpful! Thanks Cory!

+Withhearts the video is from 2014, still using the same apps in the same way?
And thx for the video, really helpful

Hi 😊. What software did you use to edit your video and how did you create that filter starting at 1:25 in the video with the trees and river?

JanPaul999 says:

The camera companies are way to far behind to catch up on the software front. watch for Samsung, Apple etc. to take over the pro market too as the smartphone photography + accesoires like lenses matures in the years to come.

Shane Fowler says:

Is there a similar app to Filter Storm? (the app you're obsessed with) on Android? Do you have a more recent, updated video of newer photo editing apps that you use that are available for Android as well?

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