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Learn Photography Composition

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jizzoi says:


fret2424 says:

Great photographs. The water photos look like they might have been edited, as there is a lack of water ripples, especially the one with the man in the boat.

squazz says:

@fret2424 They could have used an extreme neutral density filter which slows the shutter speed, therefore any ripples in the water dissapear.
They are great filters, give an awesome effect.

Owen Sweeney says:

Great examples cheers

interesting video, thanks for info

photog645 says:

@fret2424 There are places at certain times that have completely still water. Especially in the morning and evening. I don't believe there is a man on a boat anywhere, though you could be referring to a man on the end of a dock or whatever it's called. I notice there's mist in that photo as well, so it was probably early. As well, yes a neutral density filter can smooth out the water, but I don't think it would make it look so glass-still. Don't just assume something is edited.

Thanks. Very informative.

the bride and bridegroom can't even tell it's them, it's too far. It could be anyone. Maybe the composition is great for you but the pictures have no meaning to them. You are more concern to show off your skills than getting a good pic for your client..

photofonz says:

@texox A good example of not being able to see. Let me begin my responding to your comment with " You Don't Know What You Don't Know".
How do you know the bride and groom can't tell it's them and it could be anyone? Pretty sure they knew it was them since they loved the image.
It is not too far away! In fact, it could have been a bit farther to show the beautiful effect on the folliage this infrared image has.
Not an in your face close up.Yes, composition is good for me and for this video.

GorillaPHX says:

I have to disagree with texox, yes it is a bride and groom, and yes they are clients, however its not always about clearly demonstrating the subject that you are shooting. Photography, is all about creating a feeling, and capturing if not emulating emotion in a photo. I think this photo is extremely successful because it creates this nice dreamy otherworldly romantic feel. No you cannot see the subjects clearly, but the photo clearly transmits a wonderful romantic feeling.

Angnic22 says:

Great images. ๐Ÿ™‚

ZroDfects says:

@texox . Check out the title you clueless dumb ass. It's about composition. I can bet you both my nuts that the bride and groom have some close-up photos too but you would see that if the title was about "Portrait Shots". Wedding photos always have a handful of photos some with Portrait shots and some with various scenary and some that may be shot far away which gives a different look and feel to the photo which can't be done without someone taking those photos for you.

meowtrox says:

what is a polarizing filter?

Holy ************, 2:17, that is so beautiful.

dfdtdfdx says:

pleasure of photography (z) = pleasure when expose the photo (x) + pleasure when looking at your photo (y) …. composing = taking time when expose your photo (less x) but higher y later. So if total z is not increasing after composing the photo right, there is no need to compose the photo right :p :p

photofonz says:

@dfdtdfdx – Absolutely, 0 + 0 still = 0

It depends on what message you are trying to convey as to where the subject is placed in the photo; likewise, there is no one set way of "seeing". In the case of the bride and groom, the narrative is the concept of the road ahead that they will travel; some straight, some of it winding. Eye candy is what gets you hired, but most of what people buy are the close up shots in traditional poses and shots that capture emotion of the moment. You have to work from all sides, but put the client first.

You seem very creative photos. I really congratulate the author and invited him to share my personal portfolio.
From already thank you very much. martinotero.x10.mx/

Love the last shot- it's the reason I watched

Fri13 says:

@texox They who are in the photo, knows they are in it. But those who dont know them, dont know them and for them it is just good looking photo telling story of the road to the marriage and it is icon showing what marriage is about. If the people in the photo would not be seen as bride and husband, then it would be failed photo without meaning.

oceandrew says:

@texox If you bump up the video def to 480p and expand the viewing screen you will see an equivalent of a 3×5 and it's pretty sharp with bride and groom quite identifiable. Now imagine a hi-res print of an 8×10 or larger…. a lot more detail will be seen, believe me. Accusing people of not being concerned of their clients' wishes is rather presumptuous and will always land you many detractors…. because you'd always be wrong or at least guilty of not really knowing what you're talking about.

It's ridiculous to argue about personal tastes or rules of composition if what you produce is a beautiful image; especially if it is an image your customers love. Your shots are interesting, not all of them appeal to me, and some I found downright unpleasant, but that's okay. What matters is your customers liked them. If they did, then the photos are good. ๐Ÿ™‚

7 people are dumb..

I absolutely adore the photos at 1:19, 2:16 and 4:43 <3


Pix 5:30 >>> can i know the setting of the aperture, shutter speed & ISO…. thank you

photofonz says:

I believe the photo you are refering to was taken by outstanding adventure photographer Forest Woodward.

I do not have the details of this image but by looking at the image my guess is that it was taken with a wider than normal lens and/or smaller aperature to increase depth of field perspective.

Without getting too technical, As you may know, using a wide angle lens will give you the perspective of a larger focus range. Using a smaller lens opening will increase depth of field as well.

Thank you for the support! Please comment & sube my channel


Great video…I just subscribed it…

alcausinner says:

@texox There's what they call ALBUM TITLE my friend…If someone is too stupid enough to think that it's another couple in that picture

David Trees says:

Thanks for the time you took to create this video. I love the last image and the penultimate lake / bay image. It reminds of places where I grew up in Australia. I like your commentary too, you're voice is easy to listen to and you speak at a speed I can understand… Outstanding.

Stig Hansen says:

For the first seconds, I thought it was Christopher Walken talking! haha!

Great Job explaining Photo Composition in an easy to understand/visualize way.

amit sharma says:

Nice video,great

Indian Institute of Photography
Photography Simplified

ndawg3111 says:

Beautiful images and great narration of the Creation of the image.

Zoe Aparicio says:

What time of day were the last two photos taken do you know? Because they're on the darker cooler side. And what would be the estimated settings?

Graz่‰ says:

they never need to tell it's them, they will always know that's them by heart.

Narcissoft says:

More simple : I can make my own picture patchworks on my Android phone with the Memory Camera or the Memory Mirror !

Plus a photo like this is likely in a wedding book with lots of closeups of the couple. You know who it is. If it is not and it is in a gallery, then who cares who they are? Both ways it works!

Great tips. It's so often that the simplest things correctly put together can make can make stunning images.๏ปฟ

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